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Thread: Random maps for TW campaigns

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    Default Random maps for TW campaigns

    Ok, this is an unusual thought for discussion, but what do you think of the idea of TW titles at some point in the future having an option to do campaigns over completely random maps? Obviously for the purests and people hell-bent on historical accuracy this won't appeal. I guess the question is therefore more for those put gameplay above all else? Certainly, in terms of replayability there is no better option. Every campaign would play out differently.
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    Default Re: Random maps for TW campaigns

    Well I suppose you'd have to rename the factions to something else as the random map wouldn't resemble the actual map at all?
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    Default Re: Random maps for TW campaigns

    I think its an interesting idea, however since campaigns in this game last much longer than in say civ, I don't think they would add a significant amount of variety. The one place where they would really be great is the multiplayer campaign.

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    Default Re: Random maps for TW campaigns

    You know, even in Civ I'd always end up playing the Earth map... I don't know why. It's a combination of factors I guess. One is that our good old Earth has a lot of history, and every square of the map means, no, IS something. You could Google Earth it or read about it and dreg up 10 accounts of why that precise square of the map was important in the history of the world for this or that reason. Sacking Constantinople is really not the same as sacking Randomopolis, just like facing El Cid de Valencia is not the same as facing Gen. Geraldo Rivera

    Another is that... well, random maps usually suck. They have little consistency, and they're rarely interesting to play on because they're not generated with the players in mind, or even balance for that matter. A human making maps will think "well, what can I do to make this fun ? Add a bridge here. This part begs for a chokepoint. This faction needs a gold mine to get its economy going. This town needs to be garrisoned by huge rebel forces so no one can get it too soon" etc... but a random generator won't.
    The generators of both Civ and HoMM certainly didn't, at least. :/
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