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Thread: Crash Report, please help

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    Default Crash Report, please help

    I've patched EB to 0.81a V2, here is the SaveGame:
    The game crashes after I click on the End Turn button and am waiting for AI to complete the other factions' turns.
    This has happened at different times, after varying amounts of turns: sometimes I can play for one turn, sometimes 2 or 3, but it always crashes after I click End Turn.
    Recently it crashed after Summer, 216 BCE, none of my armies (Romani) were engaged in siege, but one of my cities (Segesta) was being besieged. The happiness level of the populace went below 70% before this turn (red face). Crashes have become a consistent problem during the past two years of the game (218-216), and during this time I have been vigoursly engaged in fighting off the Aedui from my northern borders (Patavium, Bononia, Segesta, and the Po Valley).
    In about 218, I had a consistent crash during the Aedui's turn which was only fixed by installing the 0.81a V2 patch.
    The only reforms I have are the Polybian reforms, (which occurred approximately 7 or so years ago in the game - 223 BCE??) and I'm not sure if any other factions have had reforms.
    I hope that's enough to help you fix the problem.
    Thanks so much,

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    Default Re: Crash Report, please help

    Please try the temporary fixes found in the sticky. I believe the broader rebellion fix will do the trick, but try them all.

    Having problems getting EB2 to run? Try these solutions.
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