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Thread: who need a Julii saved game for test?

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    Default who need a Julii saved game for test?

    i finally complete this Julii saved game with a almost finish Julii saved game after 2 days(for christ sake,just doing the management oredi killed me=men!it is very boring when you are not intended to play it=peace!)

    who need a Julii saved game for test?i thought someone would need it then i do it!

    this saved game is stop at whole map conquered except Rome,and all buildings builded.And my RTW is version 1.1...
    modded descr_strat to playable factions,end date 999 AD
    modded export_descr_buildings about temple from some flaw to game fitness:like temple of jupiter to law bonus 25%

    who ever need this file pm me,then i email to you.I am trying upload it to a server so can link it here....
    i will post the link here if i am done with the upload...

    if you guys need any other culture's faction tell me too,but i won't do it in this week for sure,doctor told me to play RTW for a week to cure the cryonic boredom that killed me...
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