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Thread: Mediaeval Auctoriso and Anno Domini to merge

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    Default Mediaeval Auctoriso and Anno Domini to merge

    Hello everyone,
    We have some rather exhilarating news for you today. I'm sure a lot of you guys will know of the Anno Domini mod that's being created by Re Berengario I. Like Mediaeval Auctoriso, it's a realism-oriented mod, and as we found out in long discussions, our aims and views about what our respective mods should be like are very similar, too. This is why we recently decided to join our efforts and merge both mods into Anno Domini MXVI (hah, in your face "Medieval Auctoriso"-is-no-proper-latin-sayers :P).

    The new mod will be led by Re Berengario I and, as a result of a vote among our current project members, alpaca.

    The starting date for this project will be 1016, precisely one year before Italia Invicta, in the same tumultuous world full of change and possibilities, giving us the opportunity to do complimentary work on both mods at the same time. As a result of this, many designs and gameplay features that are originated in one mod will be, most likely, transferable to the other. And it will certainly help us get some factions done quicker and give us the opportunity to test our features before putting them on a full-scale Europe map.

    Speaking of possibilities, we believe that this merger will be a great chance to come closer to the completion of our mod. Re Berengario already did a lot of great work on Anno Domini, and as a team, with both our own ideas and skills, and those of the AD team, Anno Domini MXVI already is, we believe, one of the most promising mods out there.

    Since we will be adopting AD's idea of representing dynasties rather than Kingdoms, our faction list is not yet finalized, and the list presented to you before might not be the one you receive in the end. Rest assured that you will see a lot of old friends nonetheless. In the course of the next few weeks, you can expect to hear a bit more about the mod and more specifically some of our general concepts, as well as a few more nice previews for Italia Invicta.

    Until next time

    The Anno Domini MXVI team
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    Default Re: Mediaeval Auctoriso and Anno Domini to merge

    Pooling your resources in order to pursue common goals is a sound move. I look forward to seeing more activity from you in the future.

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    Default Re: Mediaeval Auctoriso and Anno Domini to merge

    Sounds good I look forward for the completion of this mod

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    Default Re: Mediaeval Auctoriso and Anno Domini to merge


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