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Thread: Post-Marian recruitment in 081v2

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    In the previous version I played, the marian reforms only allowed recruitment of the new infantry units in Italia proper, with cavalry auxilliaries available elsewhere. Yet in this version I have discovered that you can build the roman factional barracks in several places, like Noricum, Gallia, Hispania and Africa. It seems that only Evocata and siege engines are restricted to Italia proper in the current circumstances. For all I know, cohorts might be recruitable in Hellas, Egypt and the Levant too, but I haven't seized any of those areas yet.

    Is this state of affairs intentional? I believe it was stated earlier that in the marian era legionaires were still recruited only in Italia. It seems a bit too convenient to be able to raise factional heavy infantry outside the Type I government area before the imperial reforms.

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    I looked up the Marian reforms on Wikipedia. Interesting read. In essence, the foreign troops were recruited and outfitted by the state in the likeness of earlier principes, no matter where they came from. Sounds to me like recruitment outside Italy is correct.

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