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Thread: armoured swords vs dis english knights

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    Default armoured swords vs dis english knights

    i can now recruit these

    whats best to sue and hows best way to use them?

    are heavy billmen pointless now i have thse?

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    Default Re: armoured swords vs dis english knights

    They perform two completely different tasks. The dismounted english knights(DEK) are your hammer, the swords are your anvil. DEK have the charge, swords have they staying power.

    As for heavy billmen, DEK are essentially an upgraded version of these, so no, you wont need them.
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    Default Re: armoured swords vs dis english knights

    What HoreTore said. DEK also have the AP bonus - great for charging cavalry bogged down in a melee.

    Overall, AS and DEK are quite well balanced - their combined attack and defence is virtually equal, with AS being very good for defensive and DEK being ferocious at attack. DEK are more expensive in SP, but the higher morale and AP justifies that.

    I would put the AS behind your stakes, and the DEK on the flank. It's a shame the alternatives to DFK in many other factions are not as well balanced.


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