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Thread: One Man and One Legion - A Roma Story

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    Lightbulb One Man and One Legion - A Roma Story

    This is an AAR that turned into a story, it has been quite fun.
    This tends to happen when I have time off school : )
    It is a bit in-coherrent and needs polishing up etc
    But I just hope some one enjoys it : )


    Romes power at the beginging of this Chapter (all areas within the red borders)

    Diplomacy; Epirots are protectarates, Only enemies are the Rebels, Allies are the Cathaginians, Makedonia's and Aleudi.


    300 senators occupied the space in the Curia Julia. The discussion as usuall in the marble polished rooms of the Curia is war.

    “The Third Legion must take Illyria, Legutrix’s rebellion there may cause unrest, and we cannot afford to lose Dalminion or Epidamos.

    Take Pannonia Illyrica and Segesta and we can focus Ivlivs Hosdidivs Evgenvs south, on Antigonos and Hellnea.” Blasio’s voice boomed

    through the hall

    “I disagree Blasio” A tall unshaven man stepped forward, he was intimidating and his words carried unbelievable influence.

    “Focus all Legions on Sicily, Corsica and Sardinia. The Carthigians are gaining influence in Iberia; I doubt it will be too long before they

    become brave enough to threaten Roma itself.”

    “Ah, Lvcivs Cornelivs Scipio, I must assume a General famous for fighting in the North knows much of the south? Go back too

    Patavium. You are of no use to this debate.”

    “I am the commander of the 1st legion; I know more of war then you.”

    “And I am consul, I reside over this Senate”

    “It is us or them Blasio, and suggest we move first, they have already threatened us with war.”

    They eyed each other, unflinching.

    “I agree with Scipio, something must be done Blasio.” Mansvetvs had risen and spoke.

    Within a week Blasio had an answer, the Division of the Houses had spoken.

    With a grave voice he started to speak;

    “It has been decided that the 2nd and 1st Legions, under command of Scipio shall attempt to free the Islands west of Roma. The 3rd

    legion shall remain in Illyria.”

    Blasio was disappointed. He hated war, but the Illyrian campaign was bringing wealth to the coffers of roam. The Carthaginian trade

    routes were priceless, but such is things. The popular man will always beat the clever man.

    Scipio was 34; he was made Commander of the 1st Legion at Just 18, but led his beloved legion to 6 Victories over the Gauls.
    Single handidly taking Northern Italy, and saving the 2nd Legion from annihilation more then twice, he holds significant influence over
    the senate and is respected by the people of Rome, and even more so by his soldiers.
    His job was to take the Islands of Sardinia and Corsica, whilst the second legion, led by Caivs Cotta would take the eastern coast of Sicily and await the arrival of the first legion to take the whole of Sicily.
    Cotta was given the 2nd Legion to command after 3 years of advising the Legions previous commander Dentatvs. He had led the legion to mild success, he had taken Southern Italy but his campaigns with Scipio in Northern Italy were less successful, and the Legion was disabled for 3 years when they were ambushed by a vastly superior force of Gallic tribes.
    He has escaped death more then once. He is however an exceptional fighting, but he is more at home in an administrative role.

    “Blasio, it seems you were wrong, the Carthigians have begged for peace and have given up Sicily and Sardinia in return for our good


    “You look awfully smug about this Mansvetvs”

    “I have good reason to be, you were wrong Blasio, and Scipio was right. You look awfully upset about this, Blasio”

    Mansvetvs patted Blasio on the back and walked off, leaving him to supp his wine on the balcony over looking Rome. He started

    thinking about his humiliation, the campaign in Illyria had lost steam and the 3rd Legion was resting. Scipio had humiliated him. He had

    swayed the senate, but he was the senate. He needed to Humiliate Scipio. He needed something, anything.

    “Senator, you have guests.”

    “What, at this time?” Placing his wine filled cup down, he shoved past the slave and into his courtyard. He walked into see a man

    wearing a turban; he had a crescent moon emblazoned on his toga.


    “Ah, Blasio, just the Roman I wanted to see”

    I have finished the story and I will be posting more within the week : )
    Their will be no indepth battle reports or screenies untill Chapter 4, so you can just skip the background stuff and see the pretty pictures : )
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    Default Re: One Man and One Legion - A Roma Story

    Overview; Romes power,


    “Scipio, the legion is ready to move to Sicily.”

    Scipio sat alone in his tent; it was dusty, that much was clear. In front of

    him lay a map of Illyria and the Mediterranean mare. On it he had counters

    showing the three legions that were under the senate’s control. Ivlis

    Hosdidivs Evgenvs and the third legion in Illyria were fiercely loyal to Blasio;

    they were led by him for 19 years, and were now led by his son. In the west

    his legion, the 1st, was devoted to him and Roma. Cotta’s legion however

    was indecisive. If Blasio was to take any action against him, victory would lie

    in the hands of however could allay with Cotta. They had been fierce rivals

    for years, and the war with Carthage and the Aleudi had been which had

    divided the senate. Scipio, a man who had for many years opposed the

    senate, seeing it as little more then a puppet for Senators such as Blasio to

    keep power over Roma, Scipio did not want to be king, History lessons had

    taught him that. But he wanted to be Imperator of all of Rome.

    “What is it Scipio?”


    He thought of his foe Blasio, and he wondered where they would meet in

    “Come, Carthaginian, come! Sit down, wine?”

    “No, I have come to tend to more important measures. The word is Blasio,

    you and Scipio are not on the best of terms”

    “That much is true”

    “The Carthaginian people are not happy and the loss of our islands, we had

    given them up because we are lovers of peace, not war. But Scipio, he

    swayed the senate to conquer us did he not? Whilst there is peace, turn

    your attention east, the Greeks! If you take their lands, surely you will be the

    most popular man in Roma?”

    “Even more popular then Scipio, but the 3rd Legion would not be enough.”

    “Exactly! Commission a 4th legion, take and conquer their lands, Cotta will

    join you, then, what is to stop you from conquering new lands?”

    “What do you mean new lands?”

    The Carthaginian leaned in and whispered into Blasio’s ear

    “Like Roma…do not tell me you have not considered it, Scipio has…what is to

    stop him from installing himself as emperor? Of bringing back the old ways?”

    Blasio jumped back; repulsed he struck the Carthaginian diplomat and

    shouted through his teeth, spraying him with spit

    “How dare you bring such words into my house! Get out, before you pay with

    your life!”

    The Carthaginian was picked up by the arms and thrown out on to the muddy

    road. He drew a scrappy piece of parchment and consulted another name. He

    smirked and picked him self up.
    “Spvrivs has news from the Sicilian front senators and news of a graver

    matter, Spvrivs, if you would care to step forward please.”

    “The 2nd legion has taken Massena and is marching back to Kalarbria to

    await orders; the 3rd legion has control of Illyria and is on peace keeping

    duties with in our borders. Meanwhile, Syracuse is yet to fall to the first

    legion. There is grave news however; we have intercepted a Makedonian

    messenger he appears they were planning to attack our Illyrian holdings.”

    “I Blasio move that we as noble Romans should defend our holdings! Send

    Cotta to Aitolia! Evgenvs can march south to Pella! We cannot be mocked

    like this!”

    “Two legions in Greece will leave Roma open to attack! I recommend we train

    a 4th Legion, to defend Roma and to serve her will!”

    The senate hall erupted into applause, the senators all stood up and

    cheered, jeering the Hellenic people and their ways, all but one, Blasio sat

    still, he had done what the Carthaginian had told him to do, and he hadn’t

    even known it.

    “Who will step forward to command this legion?” Mansvetvs surveyed the

    chamber, it had fallen silent now, a voice cried out from the back of the

    room “Trenico! Promote Trenico!” it spread through the crowd, and soon the

    forest of hands pounded the air to the sound of “Trenico! Trenico! Trenico!”
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    Default Re: One Man and One Legion - A Roma Story

    It's not too bad.

    There are some typos (such as Aleudi: the actual name is Aedui), and some mistakes with the map's image. You can see a bit of a red line on top of Pannonia Illyrica, and the Eastern bit (Illyria Hellenike) is incomplete. I suggest you reduce the image's scale.

    And, did you write this in Text? Wordpad that is? The format is wrong at some parts, and that happens with Wordpad.
    Here, for example:
    thinking about his humiliation, the campaign in Illyria had lost steam and the 3rd Legion was resting. Scipio had humiliated him. He had

    swayed the senate, but he was the senate. He needed to Humiliate Scipio. He needed something, anything.
    But, besides that, it's not bad. Do you play with house-rules?
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    Default Re: One Man and One Legion - A Roma Story

    Thank you,
    yes word pad : )
    I will edit them out : )

    basically it started off as an AAR but then it got out of hand and now its based around a story line and some custom battles, the only rules are that for the custom battles the AI must be set on very hard : )
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    Default Re: One Man and One Legion - A Roma Story

    It keeps me captivatated and thats always a sign of a good story. Keep it Up!
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