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Thread: Hello EB fanatics

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    Default Hello EB fanatics

    hi ppl,

    EB is really great, thanks to all EB members for all the hard work to produce such a fantastic game. I'm playing as Romani at the moment and doing ok.
    I cant seem to build seige weapons not sure what the prerequisites are?? also why cant i inherit the technologies of the cities i capture??

    My campaign is never without incident, and keeps me on my guard always.
    I am busy city Raiding in the east of the med to finance the destruction of the evil macedons and sweboz. the averni are huge now and will probably cause me a problem later on unless we can learn to live in peace. ( yeah right) i've managed to bribe some artillary units but so far unable to build my own. ah well

    geord ...

    aka ..Tacticvs Crappvs

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    Default Re: Hello EB fanatics

    You're on the right track. Most of the seige equiptment that the Romans used early on was stolen from other peoples. You'll have to wait until the Marian Era before you can build your own.


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