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    Hello, I found that 225 turs to achieve the campaign are not enough, so how I can mod the game to have more turns.

    Any answers will be appreaciated



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    once u have unpacked the game and set up ur batch file, go to data/world/maps/campaign/imperial/descr_strat

    be sure to change the read only by unchecking it when you right click on the file.

    now you can cut/paste the faction from not playable to playable and just below that you see timescale 2

    the timescale is years per turn, so 2 years pass per turn. I play .5 which is 6 months per turn. (makes sense that the winter is 6 months then next turn its summer again.

    When you do this thou, the time it takes for events to happen will be way off. It your playing the game for fun then its probally not an issue, but if your a historical fanactic it might bug you


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