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    Question Rebel Diplomat...

    I just had the most bizarre thin' happen to me in RTW since it came out.. I had Cathage rebel from under me while bein' besieged by Numidians and a rebel diplomat asked me for ceasefire which I accepted.

    now all rebels are neutral to me and a roman lookin' rebel diplomat Isaac near one of my towns...

    this is my Brutii short campain on M/VH and I have it saved... if anybody wants to check it out then PM redriver and I send ya the file.

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    Default Re: Rebel Diplomat...

    Yeh, its a bug.

    Its supposed to disband diplomats, but sometimes they dont.

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    thats really strange because when I played as rebels (I don't know why but I recruited a diplomat) I didn't have any diplomatic options.

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    Do you think the two unusual things are connected?

    1) Carthage city rebels whilst being besieged

    2) Rebel diplomat appears and asks for a ceasefire

    I dont think they are.

    Carthage is a big city and as Romans its hard to control when first captured unless you enslve or exterminate. So having it rebel after two turns of public order below 70% is to be expected.

    Rebel diplomats. Ive seen these before. Generally some 15+ years into the game. I believe they are diplomats of factions that have been destroyed. They retain sleaves the same colour as thier original faction but are now rebel faction controlled.

    But how would such a rebel diplomat appear at Carthage? Thats whats your post suggests. Yet there would be no diplomats from destroyed factions in north africa...unless it was an ex carthage diplomat. Yet he looked Roman? Maybe Carthage bribed a Roman diplomat to its faction then when Carthage faction was destroyed the ex Roman diplomat went Rebel?
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    there was no fation destroyed that turn... all african factions are still there. the rebels had some greek and egypt units. also, I've never had a town revolt whilst bein' besieged before. even with 0 public order.
    now I see the reb diplomat crusin' 'round on a rebel fleet and pop out here and there randomly lookin' for an easy to bribe town

    maybe he was inside the fleet of a faction that was destroyed earlier?

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    Default Re: Rebel Diplomat...

    After a while (I'm talking 170 BC here) Rebel diplomats just show up too, they're not part of any faction. They usually hold Biblical names like Abraham and Soloman. In my Scipii campaign I'm currently allied with 'em.
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    It'd be good to see a screen shot of this rebel diplomat.

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    yep i was besiging the Rebel capital one time which happened to be on Palma and when i was besiging it a diplomat walked out of it lol (Rebel) then when i won the battle 5-7 diplomats fell down dead lmao i think only the capital can recruit them though (on EB the rebel capital can recruit all units so i figure the capital can on vanilla also)

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    There have been times that a rebel diplomat has come to me asking for a ceasefire.

    There have even been two who asked for an alliance. Being at war with just about everybody else, I accepted in order to have a trading partner as well as an ally of sorts.

    Eventually, they did attack me again, but the reprieve made it easier for me to destroy other hostile factions.

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    Cool Re: Rebel Diplomat...

    forgot to mention I don't have EB it's RTW 1.5 unmodded.

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    Wink Re: Rebel Diplomat...

    Quote Originally Posted by redriver
    forgot to mention I don't have EB it's RTW 1.5 unmodded.

    oh i know i had the diplomat b4 i got EB i actually havent played vanilla since EB but im just saying that its probly set up the same way where the capital can recruit all the units

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    On my Julii game, I wasnt fighting the gauls for a while and I was fighting alot of rebels in Italy. I had a Rebel diplomat ask for a ceasefire and got money for trade and sold map info! I didnt think about it at the time but I havent had a Rebel diplomat since. I wish there were more of those.
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