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Thread: Hold formation and Engage at Will

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    I know that YS and particularly YA should be put in "hold formation" when defending, and on "engage at will" when chasing routing troops, and I also understand that ND and WM's are better left on engage at will but there are a few situations that I am not sure about and would like the forum's advise.

    I did several searches, and found some info or this post would be a lot longer. Searches seem to take me off on tangents, that while informative, totally lead me away from my intended search goal.

    Anyway,HF or EaW
    1. when flanking other units with YA or YS
    2. would this always be the same regardless of the unit you are attacking
    3. when attacking head to head
    4. attacking through a woods (in real life formations would be impossible but but how about this game?)
    5. bridge assaults or defense. (since everyone is jammed up and jelly tight, does it make a difference?) I have also used the suggested tactic of making three files and whatever deep, but I am not convinced that this saves time or is more effective. I know that if I break through, all my troops spill off the bridge in this otherwise useless formation.

    Some other odd situations:

    6. If two unit get intermingled while attacking, is their effectiveness increased, decreased, or unchanged?

    7. Once your archers are out of ammo and/or you need them a infantry, do you treat them like YS or ND or a crystal lite combo of the two, formationwise that is?

    8. Lastly,what about YC? I usually leave them on EaW, but then I tend mostly to use them for mopping up routing troops (Their most useful function IMHO). I know they have the speed for flanking, but after their initial impact they seem to get chewed up pretty bad if they hang around, and they are awful large targets. I hate loosing expensive troops, but even in mop up I loose a few.

    OK, that's it.
    When all of you helpful forum members have discussed this gaggle of questions, I also need some advise on home repair, gardening, and how to tie my shoes. Ha!Ha!

    Artillery adds dignity to what would otherwise be a vulgar brawl.

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    Artillery adds dignity to what would otherwise be a vulgar brawl.

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    I'm not very authoritative, you probably should ask someone else, but IMHO,
    1. When flanking, you want to do as much damage as possible in as short an amount of time as possible, (aka kick butt, or more literally, stab butt)
    2. Yes, it would be, because when you have anyone's butt pointing at you, you kick it and you kick it fast.
    3. Define attacking head to head.

    I don't really know the answer to any of the other ones.
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    a little help..

    1. When flank/rear attacking enemy units, use the engage at will.
    2. Yes. I'm assuming the enemy unit you are flanking is already engaged/fighting another unit.
    3. Search more threads for this one, too many variables to quickly answer.
    4. Again, too many variables. But normally, EaW works best.
    5. If you're the type who likes charging straight across, my recommendation si the first unit use the Wedge, and other units on EaW.
    6.Define intermingled. I haven't really looked closely enough, but my guess is units mixing with each other while fighting a common enemy work don't suffer any negatives.
    7. When charging, my archers always stay on EaW. This is with the assumption that whatever enemy they attack, they can beat.
    8. Check the strategy archives for ideas.

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    Some additional notes:

    5. Bridges have an extra "crowdedness" bonus favoring defending troops. HF minimises casualties in bridge defences with the approximately same effect as EaW (it takes longer though - but then, if the timer runs out, it's the defender who will win). Attackers should always use EaW, among other reasons because it mixes the attacker's and defender's front ranks, causing arrows from the defender to kill his men as well as yours.

    6. Their effectiveness per se is unchanged (I think), but their morale is lower if they are disordered - thus, they're more likely to rout if you start losing.

    8. Big YC casualties are an unfortunate fact of life. (Hint: if you want less losses, never use them against spearmen - even routing ones.)

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    A thought on YC... Usually when in pursuit you'd want engage at will. Try putting them in hold formation.... and DON'T let them get in front of the fleeing enemy.

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    I usually ONLY use HF when I've got a unit specifically holding a position like a bridge or hillside. Flankers and any offensive unit are almost always on EaW. There are exceptions to the rule (a block of Nagi's on HF and marching forward can really confuse enemy lines!) but for the most part, most of my men are on EaW. Archers are HF while in firing position, then switch to EaW when the run out of arrows.

    Oddly, I only use YC as chaser against other cavalry types. Ashigaru are my main mop-up units. It doesn't matter if a few die, they run faster than other foot soldiers so they can still rack up kills, and you can use your more expensive troops in the main fight to rout the rest of his army! Just watch out for unexpected reinforcements....

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    Also use HF to gain time when your unit is losing badly and you want it to hold longer until your additional reinforcements come.

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