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Thread: The Wartime Economy Examined

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    Very worthwhile read here, an in-depth look at Iraq's wartime economy. I'm not going to re-print it here, 'cause it's frickin' huge, but if you've any real interest in understanding what the hell's going on over there, this is required reading.

    Interesting nugget:

    The failure was not in execution, however, but in the delivery itself. Occupation plans and security contingencies, good or bad, simply added to the maelstrom of political, social and economic dislocations that had already had most Iraqis feeling the pinch. Big cats and small cats, together with American corporations and the would-be empire builders among returning Iraqis, all saw CPA policies for what they were, ideological fantasies, and none were squeamish about using violence to shape the market in their favor. Just consider the words of an Iraqi businessman quoted in internal CPA documents: “It is nothing personal. I like you and believe you could be bringing us a better future, but I still sympathize with those who attack the coalition because it is not right for Iraq to be occupied by foreign military forces.”
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    very good article , i enjoyed reading that very much.


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