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Thread: Going rebel -factors affecting

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    Default Going rebel -factors affecting

    I have had a small unit(7archers) attached to about 10-15 merchants on gold at Timbuktu, obviously there from early on in the game say 100 turns by now. No sign of going rebel.

    Question , Does putting an agent with a non general army stop it from going rebel?

    If it does then putting a priest with a non-general stack might be useful if only to stop the chance of going rebel.

    And BTW does being in different provinces affect your chance of going rebel?
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    Default Re: Going rebel -factors affecting

    Sounds like you have them in a fort. Units in forts never rebel.

    Other factors affecting rebelling:
    Ruler's Authority(higher authority, less rebellions)
    Being In Enemy Territory: The farther away from home, the more likely they rebel

    I'm not sure if size of the stack affects the odds.

    Some other people on here have had stacks with agents rebel before, so that doesn't seem to work. Generals and forts seem to be the best way to avoid rebellions.

    Oh, and city garrison jobs, of course. But then you have to worry about the *city* rebelling, and kicking out your army...

    I once had a city that was on the fringes of my empire rebel, kick out the army, and then my army rebelled the next turn...

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    Default Re: Going rebel -factors affecting

    I believe that stack size has no effect on the chances of rebellion.

    I also remember someone saying here recently that proximity to rebel territories was also a factor (and that'd explain why the majority of rebellions are early-game)
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