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Thread: russian bardache axeman

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    whats the best way to sue these guys? same as billmen? or do they have more staying power?

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    Well, getting a lawyer is a good start, make sure he has at least 2 gothic knights to guard him

    The barchide axeman is a common offender, he often dosnt around in the campain armies for a while, unless you want to clear out castle walls quickly, or Cause massive causlties to llighter troops, he has good staying power, but not in large quantities
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    yeah, about the same as billmen homey, use on enemy flanks or against low defense troops
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    I never found them a truly viable option for a field army, because the Russians have other great multi-purpose infantry. They seem like a good, balanced unit, but seem to be kind of outclassed when they appear. Maybe I'm wrong, though, and of course they seem pretty good for city defence. They don't cost too much though, and of course it's kind of cheesy to steamroll weaker enemy armies without having to think about doing something clever with your troops.

    This unit would really really shine if the game had early/high/late campaigns or if one has the guts to turtle with the Russians.

    Or maybe I just never mastered the 2-handers...

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    I use the Berdiache as a insane half crazed man with a halbred. It's essentialy a halbred unit that has no defensive purposes and should be used in typical Russian charge attacks. They're good at running to. Since they have good stanima they can run more than most infantry they would likely fight. They're better than woodsmen and they look good in the army. I use them as a replacement to woodsmen in latter period armies primarly as flankers. It looks better in the high status Boyar's armies anyways. Due to their stainima you could have them run ahead to the enemy flanks and fight while the main line infantry close on the middle. Dismounted Boyar Son's or Druzhina could probably do the same thing even better... but I personally like to have my flankers big burly Russians armed with the fearsome Berdiache two hander or the woodsmen's two handed axe. Over all it's a decent infantry unit for me cause I'm a cavalry man. It can charge throught the battle and not get tired which is good when cordinating attacks with my horses.

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    I agree with Aleksandr. The Berdiche Axemen are great infantrymen! Their armour uprgrades quite well, too!

    I use them as offensive infantry, if they are killed, they will bring down many, many enemies with them if used properly.
    Their poor defensive skills can be circumvented by using them in conjunction with other Russian units. They go well with just about every ranged unit and cavalry. Tactics with:
    Cossack Cavalry, Boyars Sons, Kazaks Use your missile cavalry to shoot at the soon-to-be-attacked-by-bloodthirsty-russians-wielding-berdiche-axes, preferably from a place that nullifies the shield.
    Dismounted Dvor With dismounted Dvor, just shoot from the front as these guys cannot normally get on the flanks to shoot.
    Tsar's Guard, Druchima Get behind an enemy, and after the enemy engages with your Berdiche Axemen, charge from behind!
    Dvor For Dvor, use the Light Missile Cavalry Tactics (#1) with the preceeding tactics so that your Dvor shoot at the enememies' backs and charge. Make sure to stop shooting after the Axemen have engaged, as that can cause unnecesary casualties. Then, charge!

    The tactics seem simple, but they are very effective.

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