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Thread: Noob Modder with several noob questions

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    Default Noob Modder with several noob questions

    Hi I have recently got reall into modding games and after succesfully modding my Black and White 2 game I turned my attention to M2TW. After readig in PC gamer on how to bring up the battle editot and recreate the battle of thermopylae (i think thats how its spelt) and having much fun doing so I wondered "can you create your own campaigns?". I understand that if it is possible it will undoubtably be very hard as lots of things will need to be done but does anyone know how to bring up a campaign editor (if there is one) and if so do they have any tips on getting started?

    I know this is asking alot especially on my first ever thred/post but any feedback would be much appreciated, thanks all.

    Paul (real purple monkey)

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    Default Re: Noob Modder with several noob questions

    Welcome to the forum M2TW crazy, unfortunately this is the RTW forum!

    Unless someone moves this thread in the near future I'd suggest posting again in:
    which is the M2 modding questions section.

    You might want to have a look around the modding tools and tutorials and modding Wiki sections as well, start from here:

    I don't think there is really a campaign editor as such for M2TW, certainly not something built into game as the battle-editor was.

    Most things for M2 are moddable though, you should start simply by first unpacking the game and setting up a separate mod-folder so you can work on things in that without messing up the original game files. Look for alpaca's guides on basic set ups for modding.

    If you do post a new thread in M2 section, giving a bit more detail of what you want to change for your new campaigns might help, i.e. do you want to change map / number of factions / starting positions, etc....
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    Default Re: Noob Modder with several noob questions

    ok cheers for that lol sorry about the wrong forum, thaught it may be that makes me look even worse chers again.



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