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Thread: Projectile stats file

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    Default Projectile stats file

    It's a shame but I did not manage to find it by searching: where are the stats of the projectiles like slingshots, arrows and javelins contained?

    Do slings have the AP attribute? I'm thinking about it after doing some research and would like to remove it tentatively.

    Thank you in advance.
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    Default Re: Projectile stats file

    It's on each unit, in export_descr_units.txt.

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    Default Re: Projectile stats file

    descr_projectile_new.txt in your data folder...
    ap and the other attributes are determined in the EDU though, the proectiles file is used to determine min and max angles, velocity, idf affected by rain, visual effects and the such. Only sige projectiles have their stats there.

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