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Thread: Trait CTD

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    Playing sweboz, standard build, no mods, been playing lots of other factions before and not seen this ctd previously

    since 234 bc end of turn crashes have been happening which are circumvented by the trait nerfing work around.

    I have managed to narrow it down to it being connected to the Aedui turn and one of their generals....i think.....but im not sure how i find which of his traits is causing this. Its happened at two separate turn ends in the space of one year (3 or four turns i think) and been circumvented each time with the trait work around.

    would a save game file help.....

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    Have you installed the trait file typo fix? If not, try that, and if the problem persists please post the savegame.

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    Will be doing that tonight and report back yea or nae

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    Seems clear now. I had the end march version running.



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