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    Default Gothic Zweihanders

    Hey, just a question. Im in the year 1300 and my german campaign is ruling :)
    Now I only want to know when I can get the gothic knights (not the one on the horse but the ones with tha big swords :))

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    Default Re: Gothic Zweihanders

    They are not in the campaign. You have to mod them in.
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    Ah :( That sucks. How can you modify it?

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    Find the export_descr_buildings.txt file in your /data folder. Open it. Do a search for either "gothic_armourer" or "armoury castle" depending which you want to recruit your dismounted gothics from.

    Add the line :
    recruit_pool "Dismounted Gothic Knights" 1 0.4 3 0 requires factions { hre, }

    to the list of the building's capabilities. Save, exit.

    Open your medieval2.preference.cfg file, and at the end of it add the lines :

    file_first = true

    Save, exit. Launch the game and have fun with your gothics
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    Default Re: Gothic Zweihanders

    Heh, so a shortcut is no longer needed eh? Just fixing the preference file? Interesting.

    Do note that DGK are rather weak (and expensive) compared to the usual Twohanders and most likely were unfinished at the time of release and thus didn't make it in.
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