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Thread: great wonders?

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    Default great wonders?

    I keep saying that there are new wonders in EB, can someone post a link to their descriptions? I can't find any, thanks

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    Default Re: great wonders?

    The map is littered with what appear to be little stone circles. Each one indicates a wonder. The wonder is represented by a unique building in the nearest settlement, so to see the descriptions you need to own the city or have a look inside with a spy.

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    Default Re: great wonders?

    Or use the perfect_spy and toggle_fow cheats. The perfect_spy must be done in the script, not the command line.

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    Default Re: great wonders?

    hey a quick question is there supposed to be a wonder in Syracuse because there is a wonder icon but I can not figure out what it is supposed to be..

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    Look in libeo, it is in there by mistake.
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    If you want the description for the wonders, go into the EB/Data/Text folder and open up export_buildings. Search for "¬***** UNIQUE BUILDINGS BELOW THIS LINE", but without the quotes, everything below that for a while is their describtions. To make it easier to read *since some are very long thus annoying in notepad*, I recommand copy pasting all their describs into word or something.
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    Default Re: great wonders?

    thanks guys, appreciate it


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