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Thread: Disappointment with this game

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    Default Disappointment with this game

    I have been playing the total war series since it started with shogun. Unfortunately this last game isn't as addictive as the others and the future doesn't seem promising if the expansion is a reflection of what is to come.

    What seems to bother me is the lack of visual unit realism in the game.
    here are some irritating examples
    the newest units in the kingdoms expansion ie the dievas guard and followers of perkaunas are fantasy units.
    the teutonic knights in the expansion have gowns of mail to their ankles which isn't accurate,
    units all have uniforms of their factions colours which didn't exist for most warriors of the medieval period
    the general model is in full plate armor for the western factions even from the early period
    banners are historically inaccurate, sometimes very
    shield designs are dull
    the eastern european peasants look like garden gnomes
    the hungarian nobles are dressed as in the renaissance period
    the turkomans have janissary headdress.
    did i mention that the textures of the unit reflect the faction's colors like a uniform
    taking rebel provinces isn't challenging
    only 21 factions in vanilla

    Since Rome came out there is a modding movement to bring visual realism to the game, probably because the unit's detail improved so you wanted to see the unit accurately, if the modders can do it why can't CA?

    my next 'total war' game will probably be XIII century

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    Default Re: Disappointment with this game

    I predict that supporters of this game might voice some disapproval.

    Mmm... controversy! I can't wait to read the comments.

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    Default Re: Disappointment with this game

    Tallyho lads, rape the houses and burn the women! Leave not a single potted plant alive! Full speed ahead and damn the cheesemongers!

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    Default Re: Disappointment with this game

    Silly question but which game are we talking about?

    Is kingdoms out now?

    I just checked and confirmed that it's not due for release until September so I'm a bit confused.
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    Default Re: Disappointment with this game

    Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Zoidfarb
    my next 'total war' game will probably be XIII century
    Enjoy the game.
    Tosa Inu

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    Default Re: Disappointment with this game

    Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Zoidfarb
    the eastern european peasants look like garden gnomes
    Not to mention the bug that transforms them into Anarcho-syndicalists.

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    Default Re: Disappointment with this game

    Urrrgggg, I will probably get a warning or something for this and I actually hope I don't but let me just say.


    Thank you. We all play this game way too much to hate its shortcomings. Yes I can complain about this or complain about that but as a whole, I - at the end of the day - will still continue to slaughter mongols or watch as my empire grows into a superpower, yet again.

    Instead of being critics about this game or complain about the one guy who actually thought that we should pay $10s a month to play it if it adds better updates and whatnot (Okay, that last point had nothing to do with this post but I feel that I like so many others still think that that was a really bad idea and the idea should be laughted at at least one more time.)

    In the end, I feel that this game is more addictive than the first MTW and I was not disappointed when I bought it and I felt that the hype that PCGAMER gave it and this game was worth the wait.

    Now please, can we all just stop being so damn annoyed about its shortcomings and be happy that we aren't stuck playing HL2 (That game was a disapointment, watch the demo movie and then actually play the game on that one) or some other lame console game.

    Thank you.
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    Default Re: Disappointment with this game

    at one point I was dissapointed with the game also but when patch 1.2 came out I played it alot more, so as the above poster said "quit bitching about m2tw" and just enjoy the damn game theres not many better games out there.

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    Default Re: Disappointment with this game

    i like the single player aspect very well for the time being except for the weak halberdiers.

    its the multiplayer connection issues that bother me.

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    Default Re: Disappointment with this game

    i feel m2 is not a huge jump over rome,

    however here i am trawling th' forums,
    imagining just what is the best stack per faction taking in to account the objective of said stack and adding in relativities of terrain and period,
    and looking forward to the next release.

    As other folk have said, it aint perfect but if your preaching on the forums then your probably part of the choir.

    Would be nice to have a "Historical" mode which aimed to be historically accurate rather than having more general appeal.
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    Default Re: Disappointment with this game

    Not trying to start any controversy or anything...but you know, except for ONE point, all those are pretty damn trivial.

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    Default Re: Disappointment with this game

    What can be said, has been said; and what cannot be said, has also been said, hence the lock.

    A reminder seems necessary that flaming another user of this forum is not an appropriate action to take when you disagree with their point of view; nor are profanities, even mild ones, necessary for civilised discussion.
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