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Thread: Newbie looking for help! Subject: descr_model_battle

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    Default Newbie looking for help! Subject: descr_model_battle

    Hi, everybody! I'm Ezo from Budapest and I just registered to this Forum. I'm a great fan of the Total War series, since Medieval (the first one), and I also do some modding, but only for myself. I found a lot of useful information about modding on this forum earlier - thanks to you all -, but I never felt the need to be a member- mybe because I never had enough time to do it. But now I really need your help. This Medieval II seems to be a little different from Rome. It is a great game indeed, but has some "things" that I dont like and I could change in Rome but dont know how to do it in Medieval II. I'm no developer or such, I'm just looking for the perfect game :-)
    So, here is my problem: first thing that bothers me much is the colour changes that happen with the units when getting to greater distance. I'm talking about the sprites.In Rome I could fix that by increasing the model_sprite distances to even 200-300, and also increasing the lowest model_flexi distances, all that in the descr_model_battle file. But I can't find this file anywhere in the game, and I read it somwhere in the forum that it doesn't exist at all. I also find out that there should be a 'tools' or 'utility' folder on the game directory, but I don't have such thing. I reinstalled the game but I still don't have it, so I am unable to unpack the data pack files, and I couldn't find an unpacker tool on this site either.
    So, if anybody would be so kind and help me out with this, I would be very-very grateful! It is very important for me... I spent almost two years of my life modifying Rome, I learned Photoshop and 3D Studio Max only for making my game as I like it, and with Medieval II, I can't do nothing... I can't sleep anymore :-)
    Thank you, guys, I'm waiting for your help.

    ( I asked this earlyer in the Entrance Hall Forum, excuse me for repeating myself, but it was easier to just copy-paste than recompose :-))

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    Exclamation Re: Newbie looking for help! Subject: descr_model_battle

    So, after all I managed to extract the files. I found something similar to the old descr_model_battle.txt in old rome, it is the data/unit_models/battle_models.modeldb. I tried to open it with Ms Excel, but I can't recognize the data I need. So, the original question was: how can I modify the distances for lods and sprites? Please, someone help me with this!
    Thank you very much!
    O, I forgot to mention: I have version 1.0 of Medieval II, and don't ask me to install patch 1.2 or else, because first I want to see what does the first version...


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