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Thread: should i delete map.rwm

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    Default should i delete map.rwm

    i have never had a version of eb from before eb.81 installed, and i now have eb.81a v2 installed , but before i start my new campaign, should i delete map.rwm and have rtw create a new one, because before i downloaded eb.81v2, i had a ctd, but after i downloaded v2, i deleted the savegame with the ctd, but should i delete map.rwm if thats what caused it?

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    Default Re: should i delete map.rwm

    When in doubt, delete it. The sole ill effect it can have is the slight delay on game load as the new one is generated.
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    Default Re: should i delete map.rwm

    Also you won't be able to play multiplayer. AFAIK, everyone has to have the same map.rwm, which is why the latest build of EB includes one.

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    Smile Re: should i delete map.rwm

    Yes identical files are needed, including map.rwm, however a new one is downloadable form the main multiplayer thread, if you have deleted yours.
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