The Leaders of the Roman Senate - Their Lives

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Part I
The Reign of Manivs Crivs Dentavs

Manivs sighed, the normal routine was quite boring. Get up early, argue with some senators, skip through some papers about the Republic then go back to sleep.

He was all to bored.

The Sleepy Guards by the door jumped like they'd be struck by Zeus when the doors to Manivs Chamber banged open,slamming against the walls.

Striding in, his face like stone, was Lvcivs Corneilus Scipio. Governor of Capua.

He was a mature man,compared to other Generals. His Father's deeds had been many, and were remembered by the Reoublic, he was a savour a creator of the Romani, a man who defeated the Etrucans and matained a safe Republic.

Many wondered whether his son, Lvcivs Scipio could be like his father, be bloody oath was he.

Walking smuggly behind Lvcivs was Lvcivs Old Mentor, a wise man he was.

Manivs nodded to both lvcivs and his Mentor, the mentor nodded back, but Lvcivs stared at Manivs, Manivs felt like he was cracking under the pressure.

"What is it you could be wanting?" wondered Manivs loudly, walking towards Lvcivs.
"Manivs, I always remembered you being the smart arse" commented Lvcivs, Manivs guwffed loudly.
"Lvcivs, I always remember you being something resembling a rock" replied Manivs, beaming widely. Lvcivs face didn't change, but it suddenly cracked into a giant smile and he hugged Manivs quickly.

"manivs my old friend, I came here to discuss something with you" said Lvcivs. Normally, Manivs wouldn't allow people to come barging in requesting his audience, but today Manivs was bored.
"Of course my old friend, please sit down, what do you wish to discuss?" asked Manivs.

Lvcivs was much younger then Manivs, Lvcivs was 27, compared to Manivs age of 65. Even though Lvcivs was young, he had the experince of a 50 Years old Commander, Lvcivs already had been a Military Tribune, a gift usually bestowed upon older men.

"Manivs, as you know, I am Governor of Capua, and I rpoudly represent my family of Scipio's." said Lvcivs, Manivs nodded, Lcivs continued,
"Recently there have been raids into my territory of Campania, the raiders are the Eleutheroi, Me, and my men,are eager to strike back and take the lands near Tarentum!" said lvcivs, a military passion burning in his eyes.

"Do you understand the consequences this will have with the Senate?" asked Manivs, Lvcivs nodded eagerly,
"Bad, I suppose they will demand me to resign from the position of Governor of Capua" said Lvcivs, voiceing his fears. That was true, and Lvcivs couldn't let that happened, as Capua, and hte lands of Campania, had been with the Scipio family for Generations.

"Yes, I give you permission to attack the lands of Tarentum" said Manivs, it was a rash decision he might pay dearly for, as the Senate would not agree with his view, but he was very bored and-
"On one condition" added Manivs, inside Lvcivs he was celebrating silently, but a stone dropped,
"Which is?" asked Lvcivs,
"I am allowed to come" Lvcivs smilied widely, he would wish for nothing more or less, then for his best friend to accompany him to take Tarentum.


Manivs waited for a old senator to finish speaking on the podium, speaking of some nonsense about the cost of bathhouses in Roma. Manivs sleepily ignored him, and when the applause started Manivs got up. The old Senator was stiffly walking back to his seat. Manivs opened his arms widely and addressed the crowd,
"My fellow Senators, I have news some of you will not take lightly" declared Manivs, most snapped to attention.
"Today, a good man call Lvcivs Corneilus Scipio approached me, asking a favour of me" said Manivs, he continued,
"I know most of you will take this light a Greek takes a Persian, but good Lvcivs asked me to grant him a asault of Tarentum" said Manivs, some people started muttering quietly, and furioulsy, Manivs ignored them, preparing for the explosion of voices,
"And I granted it, I shall also be accompanying him, it shall add land and money to our treasury!" said Manivs, wating.

Silence. Nothing at all, no one moved, none spoke. They all were watching Manivs.

"And,uh, thats it" finished Manivs lamely, someone started clapping nearby, and soon, the whole hall erupted into applause.

Now he had permission from the Senate, he had a great general, now all he needed was a good army.

"Consul Corneilo?" rang Manivs voice through the barracks, no one replied. Manivs assumed they were out training, and turned to leave. Just then a voice replied from inside the barracks.
"is that you Manivs?" asked someone,
"Yes, yes it is me" replied manivs, poking his head through a door. No one there. He turned around, and jumped in fright as he saw someone standing right beside him.

"Something you looking for sir?" asked Corneilo,
"No Consul, no, actually yes" added manivs thoughtlly,
"And that is sir...?"
"A army" replied Manivs, his face inquisitive.
"You wouldn't find one in there sir" Corneilo added dumbly, Manivs laughter boomed through the barracks.
"Consul, I need you to train me a army, heres the list of the legions I need" Manivs gave Corneilo gave him a list, "I want it ready in at least 10 years, I have permission from the Senate, anyway, send all newly trained units to outside Capua" said Manivs,
"is't that owned by the Scipio's?" commented Corneilo,
"yes, but the army's mine" said Manivs quickly, Corneilo was a Juili, and the two famlies hated each other. manivs bowed before Corneilo, and left in a hurry, the Senate requesting is attendance...again.

Now Manivs had a General, permission and a army. He was ready to get Tarentum.