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    whilst experimenting with my first campaign script editing , Ive come across an odddity and wonder if anyone can help. Im trying to make it so that the human player recieves nmo cash for the first three turns, to give the AI a head start. (in the mod, onlt mongols, aztecs, timurids , english and templars are playable)

    to test on the mongols I but in the code below

    monitor_conditions I_TurnNumber = 3
    if I_LocalFaction mongols
    console_command add_money mongols, 5000000


    the code seems to work but it only ever gives a max amount of 40K, no matter no large the sum I put in,

    any ideas what is wrong ?
    Semper Proesto Patrice Servie

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    40K is the max money You can give with add_money command.
    repeat console_command add_money mongols, 40000 as many times as You need.


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