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Thread: The M2TW music soundtrack?

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    Default The M2TW music soundtrack?

    M2TW has some really nice music pieces, particularly the one when you visit the credits screen. Does anyone know where I can download this or find a CD? I tried using the file which comes with the installation of the game but as usual I can't open the .DAT file.
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    Default Re: The M2TW music soundtrack?

    The music was included with the 'collector's edition' version of the game.

    Providing a download link to the music would be illegal; sorry.
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    Default Re: The M2TW music soundtrack?

    IIRC, the RTW soundtrack was available for download from the official website, maybe they'll do the same for M2TW...

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    Default Re: The M2TW music soundtrack?

    yes, i have OST in sepparate cd with the game, shame it dont have the best field music sample in the game imho

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    Default Re: The M2TW music soundtrack?

    Jeff VanDyck's website with soundclips
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    Default Re: The M2TW music soundtrack?

    Or you can use a program such as Audacity to rip the music files. Just don't distribute them... that is copyright infringement.
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