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Thread: i need help Bovi

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    Default i need help Bovi

    i have the permanent fix for .81av2 saved in data, it is an rar. file now, but i need help unpacking it, do i click etract or what?

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    Default Re: i need help Bovi

    I'm sorry, it's just the title...

    Edit: I'd like to help but my english is inadequate for tech support. Plus, whenever I give advice on these things, something breaks.
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    Default Re: i need help Bovi

    He's been answered in another thread.

    Having problems getting EB2 to run? Try these solutions.
    I do NOT answer PM requests for help with EB. Ask in a new help thread in the tech help forum.
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    Default Re: i need help Bovi

    What is it with all these topics? Can't you just stick to one? It's almost like the boy crying wolf.
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