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    Hello, all
    I will make something with Europa Barbarorum... I want to bring the textures from the XGM spartan hoplites and royal spartan hoplites, to EB... How do i do that? If I take away the EB texture of spartan hoplites and add the XGM spartan hoplite texture then the unit is like an alien, because the textures at the image with the shield and sword etc, from EB is at the different side of the XGM... so i must make them at the right side of the EB to play well! so i wanted to do it with saint paint ( like photoshop), to add the shield at the correct side of the image so when i play the game to appear good... But none of my editing programs can open none of those two textures, (the XMG is at Activision\Rome - Total War\xgm\data\models_unit\textures and extension is, and the EB is at the Back up file, with the same extension.

    Please help me
    I hope i make me clear with my bad english...
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    The how you do this actually belongs in the modding questions area, though why you'd want to mix and match the units might belong in here!

    You don't need to change the texture at all, you just need to make sure you also copy the model from XGM into the EB game as well. (Thats the .cas file)
    In case the EB model is used for more than one unit you might need to separate the descr_model_battle.txt entry for the spartan hoplites from any other units that are using the same model. Check if the descr_model_battle.txt entry has texture lines for any factions that you don't want to use the XGM textures.

    type greek_hoplite_spartan_xgm
    skeleton fs_spearman, fs_s1_swordsman
    indiv_range 40
    texture greek_cities, data/models_unit/textures/UNIT_GREEK_SPARTAN_PHALANGITE.TGA
    texture romans_brutii, data/models_unit/textures/UNIT_GREEK_SPARTAN_PHALANGITE.TGA
    model_flexi_m xgm/data/models_unit/unit_greek_spartan_phalangite_high.cas, 15
    model_flexi_m xgm/data/models_unit/unit_greek_spartan_phalangite_medium.cas, 30
    model_flexi_m xgm/data/models_unit/unit_greek_spartan_phalangite_low.cas, 40
    model_flexi xgm/data/models_unit/unit_greek_spartan_phalangite_lowest.cas, max

    model_sprite greek_cities, 60.0, xgm/data/sprites/greek_cities_greek_spartan_hoplite_sprite.spr
    model_sprite romans_brutii, 60.0, xgm/data/sprites/greek_cities_greek_spartan_hoplite_sprite.spr
    400, 0.5f, 0.5f, 0.5f
    The path to the models is bit I marked in bold - you either need to change EB's descr_model_battle entry for your unit or copy and re-name the XGM model to same name as EB's had and put it in the relevant folder.
    You'll need to do the same sort of thing for the sprites (marked in italics) or comment them out by putting ; at the beginning of the line, otherwise your unit will change back into old one at a distance.

    If you want to change textures for any other purpose you need the nvidia dds plug ins:
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