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    Hi everybody! This is my first post in this Forum

    I play EB now for several months now, and decided to give the Sarmatians a try, but I am not sure if i got their special government system right.

    Dont worry i know the difference between nomadisem and pastoralisam BUT after establishing one of those two, if got confused. When I look on the Nomade gov chart, it seems to me that I can follow to different ways of development or are these just to different kinds of "MICs" that can be developed parallel. I started the campaign already, but couldnt figure it out until now, maybe i'm just to stupid.

    Oh, and how do i recruit regionals? Only in regions without the nomadic trait? At least it looks like that to me

    Sorry I guess this questions were asked 2000 times before and sorry for my bad english

    Would be nice if someone could help me with this

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    Regionals you will get in Allied State, which can be build in non-steppe province.

    Difference between Nomadism and Pastoralism is that you will get faction infantry and elite cavalry in later one , and all faction cavalry in Nomadism.

    They is going to be several changes in 0.9 for steepe factions..

    Good luck


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