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Thread: Map Problem - Mundus Magnus Scaled up - CTD

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    Default Map Problem - Mundus Magnus Scaled up - CTD

    I have been working on a personal mod to get rid of some stress, except this map is causing more. It is the Mundus Magnus 1.2 for 1.5, and I was attempting to scale it to the largest possible.

    The map regions became 510x312, so the map_heights wouldn't exceed 1021. I got all the maps scaled up together properly, but now I have been hit by a string of CTDs. The latest one I have no idea how to fix. Apparently, Damascus is placed on a hidden tile. I have no idea how to solve it.

    You will notice I added lumps of land in the South-east and north-west corners. This is to negate any sea bugs it will produce. It seems a map.rwm is created now.

    The map is the imperial campaign of my modfolder.Download link.
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