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    Default -= DOWNLOAD IBFD HERE =-


    IBFD7.03 UPGRADE (77.78MB)


    IBFD7.05a UPGRADE (147.54MB)
    MIRROR 1 (Filefront):
    MIRROR 2 (Megaupload):
    to be added later

    MIRROR 1 (Filefront):

    1. make sure you have a fresh, unmodded install of RTW:BI
    2. make sure you upgrade BI to v1.6
    3. Run and install IBFD7 to the root directory
    4. Run and install the upgrade to the root directory (you can use JSGME for the patch if desired).
    -installer will automatically search for the proper folder so normally you shouldn't have to change anything
    -the v7.0 installer will execute a batch file creating an 'ibfd' directory onto which all installations will be applied
    -no core files will be overwritten, you will come out with a CLEAN, UNMODDED RTW&BI
    -a shortcut will be installed on your desktop, it will have the '-show_err' and a '-mod:ibfd' switch

    =no mods modify '...\Rome - Total War\bi\data' OR '...\Rome - Total War\data'
    =install v7.0 to the root folder, usually 'C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War\', anywhere else would cause a faulty install

    This mod is compatible with other mods using a '-mod:' switch

    INVASIO BARBARORVM (Manual Install Version) 319MB*
    *WARNING:only use this version if you have a problem with the automated installer
    1. make sure you have a fresh, unmodded install of RTW:BI
    2. make sure you upgrade BI to v1.6
    3. copy the whole 'bi' folder
    4. change the name of the new folder from 'copy of bi' to 'ibfd'
    3. Run the installer (preferably to the root directory to build the proper shortcut) - installer will install to a folder called 'ibfd_TEMP'
    4. manually copy all the files from 'ibfd_TEMP' to the new 'ibfd' folder, overwrite all.
    5. you may safely delete 'ibfd_TEMP


    previous versions:
    (IBFD 6) (175MB):
    Mirror 1:INVASIO BARBARORUM v6 on Filefront
    Quickfix (v6.05) (2.28MB)
    Mirror 1:QuickFix 6.05 on Filefront
    -revert to CA strat models v3 (only install if u experience CTD when scrolling in the world map)-

    NOTE:Quickfix 6.04 will replace 'descr_character.txt', those who have experienced problems with strat map skins pls re-download and install the optional fix below

    (v5.0+) (75MB):
    Invasio Barbarorum:Flagellum Dei v5.0 on FILEFRONT
    fixes (5MB):
    IBFG5 QuickFix5.0.3 on FILEFRONT

    =MAIN OPTIONS in your rtw root folder you will notice a "ibfd" folder. Is where the mod is placed. Open it, and you will notice a folder called "options". Inside are several subfolders:
    - campaign gameplay It contains three executable files:
    ____ALL FACTIONS1 - OSTRO HORDE = all factions will be ingame from the start, and ostrogoths are hording;
    ____ALL FACTIONS2 - OSTRO SETTLED (ingame default option) = all factions will be ingame from the start, but ostrogoths are settled;
    ____SHADOWING - SPAWNING ON = ostrogoths will spawn from revolt by huns

    - Interface It contains three executable files:
    those are three different user interfaces
    ____IBFD7 INTERFACE (default)

    - intro movie it contains two executable files:
    ____CA INTRO MOVIE - the official CA intro movie of Barbarian Invasion
    ____IBFD INTRO MOVIE - the alternative IBFD intro movie (see it, is pretty)

    - Loading screen it contains four executable files:
    ____INGAME CAPS = (default) contains loading screens made by very nice frameworked ingame screenshot
    ____JUVE SCREENS1 = osprey-based loading screen
    ____JUVE SCREENS2 = osprey-based loading screen
    ____PERIOD ART LOADING SCREEN = contains pics of period art as loading screen

    - scripts it contains four executable files:
    ____4tpy = add only the four turns per year script
    ____full scripts = (recommended) contains the 4tpy script, the Sack of Rome script, and other internal script for money replenishment and so (scripting is still a work in progress)
    ____no scripts = to get rid of scripts - only if you suspect that some crashes are caused by script, or you don't want just have them
    ____sack of rome = features only the sack of rome script

    - skiesit contains two executable files:
    ____IBFD modified SKYMOD = (recommended) a new set of skies, very well done
    ____VANILLA SKIES = to get back on old skies of vanilla version

    - stratmap models it contains two executable files:
    ____IBFD7 STRAT - (default) models on the map are in late roman style
    ____CA STRAT - to get back on CA models - only if you have problems in scrolling down the stratmap

    - vegetationit contains two executable files:
    ____IBFD7 VEGETATION - (recommended) a new set of grass; rocks and bushes constitute a real obstacle too, and armies have to open their formation when marching on it
    ____CA VEGETATION - if you think your pc is slowed down..
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    Default FEATURES

    the year is 410AD, the Roman Garrison in Britannia was shipped to Gaul by Constantine III, the usurper. Britannia, beset by raiding Picts and Saxons, asks for help from the Roman Emperor in the West, but was told to fend for themselves.
    The Western half of the Empire is beset by it's own troubles, aside from the Amy of Constantine III which had overrun Gaul, the Vandals and Alans have reached Iberia, the Visigoths are at the gates of Rome, the Burgundii at the borders. These Germans have been driven westward by a great host - the Hunnic hordes, sweeping everything in their path, they now stand outside the gates of the Lombardi capital, and will start inroads into the West Empire and the East Empire very soon.
    The East Roman Empire is beset by the Ostrogoths, also driven west by the Huns, and to the east the great Empire of the Sassanids, with their great cataphract cavalry. But the Sassanids are also being torn apart in the East by the Hephthalites, another great nomad horde.
    No one is safe, the world is in turmoil, there is no knowing how it will end...
    This is Total War! This is INVASIO BARBARORUM! Get it Now!!!

    INVASIO BARBARORUM has the ff features:

    -all factions playable
    -all factions reskinned - including sprites and unit cards
    -custom battlefields
    -an INTENSE campaign, with each faction having their own strengths and weaknesses
    -a SIMPLE install but still using '-mod' switch (just click on the installer, it will do the rest, including detecting your Game Folder)
    -options (scripts, UI, loading screens, intro movie, etc.) find these in the 'RTW\ibfd\options\' folder
    -historical battles (Adrianopole, Nedao, CA's Badonicus and Chalons, etc.)

    *download and/or preview the intro movie here

    available factions:
    Empire East
    Empire West
    Imperium Constantini (Empire West Rebels)
    Romano British
    the Berber Amazigh
    Lakhmid Arabs
    Ramon Gonzales y Garcia

    If we had gone so far, it is because we stand on the shoulders of giants

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    this version (v7.03) fixes the ff:
    -returned to v7 descr_sm_factions (makes the version savegame compatible w/ v7 & 7.01 but not 7.02)
    -aded in custom battlefields for wonders
    -placed the proper model for pedites bucelarii
    -added in Gothic/Vandal Artillery and Hun/Hephthalite artillery

    previous version (v7.02) fixes the ff:
    -is generally just a fix for 7.01
    -moved Hanging Gardens of Babylon
    -fixed the descr_strat causing disapperaing walls
    -removed a doubled unit in Caesarea Mazaca
    -fixed some 'eastern building' problems
    -made the 'no-scripts' option as default
    -returned the steppe swordsmen to make the version save-game compatible w/ v7.0

    v7.01 added the ff:
    -fixed vanilla Historical Battles (thanks to The SilverKnight)
    -new Historical battles (thanks to The SilverKnight)
    -added the stonehenge wonder and returned Hanging Gardens of Babylon
    -aded a Pictish archer unit
    -redid some of the Picts from ATW units
    -redid some descriptions for Germans (thanks to Swabian)
    -added in 'mud/earth wall' textures for Huns, Nomads, Eastern, and Desert Peoples, instead of the palisade
    -replaced 'tall wooden wall' with a brick/stone wall (still has palisade animations though)
    -fixed some units.
    -fixed the Bucelarii problem and now I understand why... normally a mercenary unit will use the 'mercenary texture' as default even if there is a skin available for the using faction. in the case of the bucelarii, they use the WRE comitatenses skin when the WRE uses them... waste of DMB but there it is...

    v7 has the following features, from version 6:
    -added in part of DukeofSerbia's suggested changes
    -added in some new regions suggested by Juve
    -scripts. Limes scripts, reinforcement scripts, partisan scripts, forced diplomacy scripts, gothic movement script
    -uses Razor's models
    -fixed the custom locations (thanks to Hans Kloss)
    -added anunnak's Slavs description and engines fix
    -changed Picts description
    -incorporated latest DarthDark files
    -reduced chance to rebel (export_rebel_factions.txt)
    -removed the torches
    -added in Goth's battle map lighting
    -redid some german unit names as per SicilianVespers suggestions
    -fixed charge bonuses for some units.
    -juve's new ancilliaries
    -changed to Numidian names for the berbers

    previous (v6.05) fixes:
    -added Prometheus' grass
    -new desc_strat w/ Christian Britain, lower starting treasury
    -added elephants to Sassies in descr_strat, elephants still only recruitable as mercs in India and Ariana
    -added proper descr_mercenaries.txt
    -increased Vandals/Visigoths starting units
    -removed a Berber character causing CTD, demoted him to general ;)
    -replaced heavy gothic infantry w/ one able to weild sword
    -completed redoing building descriptions
    -replaced the auxiliary archer w/ a suitable substitute ui card
    -replaced siege engines info cards reflecting proper late Empire/Eastern/Barbarian handlers
    -edited projectiles to be slightly more accurate

    previous (v6.04) fixes:
    -everything from previous fixes
    -added wives to named characters not rebels
    -increased chance for buddhist spies, etc for hephthalites
    -some tweaks in EDU (increased, decreased unit numbers, charge bonuses)
    -fixed the moors' general
    -replaced descr_vegetation w/ something less cumbersome, still based on Anyan's
    -returned Ostia and Classis

    previous (v6.03) fixes:
    -lowered defense of Imperial german bodyguard
    -increased armour of some units
    -added back the vexilarii for elite roman units
    -added avar lancer model

    previous (v6.02) fixes:
    -improper Equites Scutarii anims
    -missing texture (roman auxiliary)
    -reduced effectiveness of archers a bit
    -missing WRR cohortis vigilum sprites

    previous (v6.01) fixes:
    -EDU had some erroneous entries 1243 became 1,243 causing improper training costs
    -missing unit cards for desert levies, some ERE units available to WRE at start of game.
    -improper Equites scutarii anims
    -added in Hans Kloss's descr_strat.txt

    Ramon Gonzales y Garcia

    If we had gone so far, it is because we stand on the shoulders of giants

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    Default CREDITS

    *the credits can also be accessed in-game. go to 'main menu/options/view credits'

    The current version includes work by the following modders:
    -Ramon Gonzales y Garcia (current head/units/map/stats/...)
    -Atilla Reloaded (originator/units/map/faction symbols...)
    -Mylae (buildings/UI/...)
    -Hans Kloss (redone unit cards, testing, fixed custom battles...)
    -juve (ancilliaries, strat, legion names, map suggestions)
    -DukeofSerbia (strat)
    -Ihatemonday (soundmod-requires separate install)
    -the celt (map)
    -Joar (Slavic, Roman, Berber, Armenian, German names -some names not yet implemented)
    -kambiz (unit stats)
    -Gaiten (research esp on Sassanids and Germans)
    -theSilverKnight (converted historical battles to IBFD7)

    -Galloper (sounds, some sprites)
    -K-PAX (settlement, province names)
    -Koles (research on the Hephthalites, Slavs)
    -onire (radar map)
    -Goth (of Goth's Mod)(map)
    -Gershom Patmos & darkrider (unit stats v5)

    *Features work from the ff people/mods*

    Razor 'Fall of Rome:Total War' the Roman units

    Agraes 'Arthurian:Total War' - shield, scabbard, spatha, seax models, several textures,scripting ideas,
    Saxon units,
    through 'Arthurian:Total War' I used work by ff people:
    Zhuge Liang
    I would further wish to extend my thanks to Swabian and Hross of ATW for their help in researching the Germans

    Anyan - Anyan's realistic landscape mod

    Arbaces 'Arb's Custom BI' aka 'Ages of Darkness' aka 'Aevum Atrum' - the Guptas the Legio Lanciarii, and the mean langobards

    Archer 'Archer's SkyMod'

    Warspite & Caius Brittanicus 'Rome:Total Realism' - a lot of the textures are based from theirs

    Darth Vader 'DarthMod' - Darth's Formations and much, much more

    Dick & Alxcruel 'PAX BARBARIKA' - Huns skins (through Goth) and Slav skins

    Goth 'Goth's All Factions Mod' and 'Imperium Julianorum' - several shield patterns, part of the map
    through 'Goth's All Factions' I used work by:

    Khelvan & Alin 'Europa Barbarorum' - animations and cataphracts

    Lusted 'Lusted's Late Romans v2.0' - Draco, roman general model, parts of other models

    Myrddraal - multiple turns per year script

    Pinarius - Pinarius' Horses

    PROMETHEUS ts - Prometheus' Grass

    SigniferOne 'SigniferOne's Animations Pack'

    *Also thanks to the ff people:*

    Epistolary Richard - aka 'the guild'

    Trajan, Asterix -Total War Center (TWC)
    for the subforum

    King Edward -
    for the forum

    Duke John (of the Lordz)
    - he gave me permission to use his trees but I wasn't able to enable it

    and everyone who took the time to post comments

    *Atilla Reloaded's credits (from IBFD v3.0)*

    PROMETHEUS for parts of his legionarii model I used.
    IR (Imperia Romana) MOD'S RESEARCH TEAM for making unit list and providng myself with good info.
    WARSPITE for his face textures I used.
    LATE ROMANS for creating armour, weapons, clothes and shields desighn of this mod's units.


    I would also like to thank CA for making such a great product,
    to everyone who takes the time to play this mod,
    to my dearest girlfriend, Keiko, for her understanding;
    and to our new born son, Joshua Hideki.

    the Custom/Historical Battles Credits
    Chalons & Badon Hill - Creative Assembly
    Battles of Taginae, Nechtansmere, Argentoratum, Poitiers, Nineveh, Vouille by Romavictor (RTW Heaven)
    Fridigus, Abrittus, Amida, and Nedao by TomTSims (
    Adrianople by MightyMonty (TW Center)
    All battles modded to work with Invasio Barbarorum VII by TheSilverKnight
    if anybody has been left out or misrepresented, please accept my apologies beforehand, and PM me.
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    Ramon Gonzales y Garcia

    If we had gone so far, it is because we stand on the shoulders of giants

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    Default Known Issues

    This post will be a listing of known/reported bugs and their status.
    Current version (v6.0)

    when the advisor pops up and asks for to start the script, i clicked the advisor and then the "show me how" button type deal that kills the current faction leaders.
    -this is not a bug, this was done to create a more or less proper family tree.

    The small Sea to the East of Jerusalem looks funky and glitchy (that just maybe my computer but ive never had problems with it before)

    Napoca is not on the east side of the carpathians's on the west side in northen Transilvania...The other city "Colonia Dacia"(the name is actually "Colonia Ulpia Traiana Augusta Dacica Sarmizegetusa" but we could go with the one u gave too as the city isnt relevant for this time period,it was abandoned long ago) a little bit futher east in the mountain pass.
    -noted, but as of the moment am not very concerned w/ map visual bugs.

    ...I started a campaign with the Constantini, and it was going pretty well but I ran into a pretty serious bug with their tech tree. Unless I'm missing a crucial patch or something, Constantine's boys can't build barracks structures beyond the 'Auxilia Barracks' .. This is a pretty crucial problem because it totally takes out the needed heavy infantry to carry on the fight against Rome.
    this was done on purpose, u need to capture a settlement w/ high level training barracks to be able to train better units - part of the challenge.

    Sarmatian Horde Argaragantes has no horse texture,
    this is one problem that is still vexing me. they DO have a texture in DMB and aslo default texture. but in my personal experience I played hun army1 vs ERE army2, sarmatians have texture; I played ERE army2 vs exactly same hun army1 and !!!! NO TEXTURE ?!

    They are not recruitable ...... why????
    -Comitatenses Armatus - they are recruitable only in Asia Minor (modern day turkey), Palestine, Armenia. starting from version 6.06 they won't bre recruitable in Asia Minor, too.
    -Elephants - Sassanids used mercenary elephants exclusively and did not actually train/raise their own, the elephants are available as mercenaries in the east. there is still some contention whether to change this but as of now, until more compelling evidence is made available, they will remain unrecruitable.

    CTD durring battle against Constantine Empire. I can autoresolve it just fine; but I can't fight it which takes the whole point away.
    Caligula81 also found this fix, but I think somebody also did before.
    change 16bit stratmap and battlemap resolution to 32bit

    i can play custom battles but when i try to start up a campaign it ctd with out any error message.I re instalt it for 5 times and it still ctd.
    probably one of the first few errors to have been reported and fixed.
    Some video cards cannot handle the strat map models. DL the optional 'revert to CA' file in the downloads section and install. included is a 'revert back to IBFD6' file w/c will revert back to IBFD models.

    thanks for the bug reports.
    Please report the bugs in the discussion thread
    Ramon Gonzales y Garcia

    If we had gone so far, it is because we stand on the shoulders of giants


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