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    Bsically i had to play the greeks i had just watched 300 and was very into the greeks and like normal i set the game on VH/VH and did the greek campign. The only problem was the julii and the brutii they were not as much a force to be reconed with as a pest until 230 bc. They had amassed four full stacks of legionaries ! They took over illyrium and appolonia and then i decided to go on the offensive i assembled( at a huge cost) oneful stack of spartans and a awsom general who helped me conquer sythia thrace and dacia. By 213 bc he had sucessfully crippled the brutii and the julli by conquring all their lands and cutting them off from trade and expansion. Then my fav faction the scipii (who were the greatest powerhouse owning all of africa and much of asia minor and even a little bit of spain) attacked me and over sparta athens and corinth while my army was away on campaign in italy. I need major help if i lose greece then ive los my only good source of economy and ill be dead as for my great general he and his spartans are away and can't get back very fast.

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    with a good general,you can recruit a new army(base on hoplites or armoured hoplites with some militia cavalry to killed off those missile troops while your heavy infantry do the jobs!) to save the days..........or at least hold the scipii off.......some others guys will tell you armoured hoplites that garrisons all cities oredi can hold it....i am those aggressive type that love to fight them in open if i can....
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    Same but the only problem is and this is pretty funny is that i have no military base the scipii own italy! I took over all italy except capua because they had 2 stacks so i avoided and the scipii took rome from me and the rest of italy

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    Clearly the best strategy here is the most classic for this type of situations:

    Take your wife, daughter and gold, steal the fastest ship on the dock and get the hell out of there, leave a note on the desk saying "its been fun, later".

    Back on topic: Do you have money? If you are greece, you must have, buy armoured hoplites, all the mercs around and buy the brutti and scipii armies off, the ones without a leader on them, if they have a leader buy 3 assassins and kill it, then buy the army off.

    Tip: Greece is too esposed in every sides by a lot of enemies (thats why the hoplite formations where created, so that few in that mountains terrain could survive against many), never over expand before consolidating your holds, a couple hoplites, archers, light cavalry and skirmishers behind city walls can kill most the AI sends your way, so identify key cities, strategic locations (mountain passes, river crossings, forest ambush spots) and protect them well. Place spies far ahead of your empire borders to view the AI´s concentration of troops, have a good transport system on the water, one single bireme can take an entire army, thats a huge advantage in his game unlike others like civilization, so spread a couple biremes around, upgrade your roads, and remember always have a reserve of gold stacked for emergencies specially on mid/later parts of the game.

    When you fight Julli and Brutti you are automatically at war with the Scipii and the Senate so what were you thinking leaving scippii cities intact behind your lines, its pratically an invitation.
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    You have no military base? Are you saying that you destroyed the barracks and stables when you sent most of your army elsewhere?

    I have been known to move a lot of troops out of a city, but I still continue to upgrade the barracks, stables and armorers. On the other hand, when I move half a stack out of a city to join up with another full stack and march on a city, I already have a new army in the training que at both cities. By the time anybody arrives to attack it, a new army is in place.

    I'd recommend that the city you are occupying have a capability to retrain the units you have in garrison. For example, if the best you can train up in the local barracks is Militia Hoplites, then I would not be trying to garrison it exclusively with Armoured Hoplites or Spartan Hoplites. If you march away, especially far away, as a minimum, you should garrison your cities with about 4 units of heavy infantry, three cavalry, and 2-3 archers. Again, que up to train more when the rest of your army marches. In a few turns, you will have plenty of troops to adequately protect your city.

    This will prevent having your army two time zones away and getting your shield rung at several places by full stacks.

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    NONO you dont understand im so poor right now and my spartan army(which is decimated because of many battles) is stuck in gaul from being pushed back. I cant get any other troops because the dam scippi have 7 full stacks around gaul my other cities i have are not very good in military.

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    Wow. Your Army is in Gaul? I just truly began my expansion west. Mainly I was too busy fighting the Egyptians in Asia minor and Lebanon.

    Here's my suggestion: If you are fully surrounded, dig in and prepare for a last stand. If you have a general, build a fort and fight it out! If youve gone to far behind enemy lines and there isnt a settlement around, prepare for a tough battle.
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    My spartan army(explained at top) beat back the julii and brutii but after taking all of italy except capua(stupitly) the scipii, who may i add own all of north-western africa and much of spain took all of italy INCLUDING rome back from me and in a series of battles beat my general and my army all the way to gaul.

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    I like Greece because it stays challenging all the way through.

    If you are struggling for money get a coastal empire until you have enough. I am a little through mine and it gets fustrating trying to get phlanxes to face the right way and i find it hard seiging. Make sure you can get Rome's power down to your level in one go before they can take a chunk out of you. I suggest going into Turkey or the Balkans first. Or hold off Rome until they declare civil war (not tried it yet but it could work)

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    It sounds to me that you have put yourself into a serious position and from your description YOUR totally up the poo street. If was you i would take your spartan army north and try to take a city in the north by force and extreme prejudice, so at least if your greek cities do fall you wont lose the the game by having no cities left then I would create some militia hoplites and disband all but 2 units of your spartans this will save you plenty of cash dont worry if your besieged and they attack your militia hoplites will do pretty good as long you dont defend the walls block up your streets with hoplites and backed up with javel or archers (very important) now to greece. concentrate on one citiy preferably the one furthest from the scipii stacks and build an army the computer usually is very slow in ending seiges so this should hold them up long enough for you to build a strong army and then I would try lure them into bridge battles this will increase your death tolls and lessen the attrition on your armies remember if your army is on a bridge it does not matter what side your attacked from your general will automatically place you onto the opposite side of the river of the attacking army, Very important do not auto resolve i know the battles are boring but you will lose only few hundred or less if fight them personally where as i always lose on auto resolve. your going to lose some cities but thats life just remember bridge battles are the key to fighting a superior force, now get all your remaining ships into one stack and harass there ships to disrupt reinforcements the beauty of the AI is they rarely gang up ships on a huge stack so you almost always win, when you have destoyed most of their navy you should be safer from counter attack.... hope this helps
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