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Thread: Total War crashes

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    Default Total War crashes

    I recently bought Medieval Total War Gold Edition and is causing problems. When i load the game up just after the intro clip the game crashes back to windows. what can i do go get it working properly? my pc specs are:

    Dell Dimension 8100
    Pentium 4 1.4ghz
    640mb RDRAM
    Geforce FX 5200 256mb

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    Post Re: Total War crashes

    Hi and welcome louis1976,
    Perhaps this thread could help you. Good luck, cheers!
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    Default Re: Total War crashes

    Thanks for the link, looks like i've to downgrade my graphics drivers :( Would the Nvidia ForceWare v61.76 be compatible with my Geforce FX 5200 card?

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    Post Re: Total War crashes

    I believe that it operates with any Nvidia Geforce graphics card older than the Geforce 6xxx Series. If that is the case, then, fortunately, your card should be fully compatible.
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    Default Re: Total War crashes

    Thanks, i'll give it a try and let you know how i get on

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    Default Re: Total War crashes

    Welcome louis1976

    A good cognac, eg. an Otard Cognac, will solve all your problems.

    Enjoy your stay
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    Default Re: Total War crashes

    I got them drivers and uninstalled my old ones but the game still won't load up :( Very disappointed with the way the company designed the game, they make a bollox of it!!! i think i'll just buy MTW 2 instead. Hope i don't come across the same problem! But thanks very much for helping me out folks.

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    Have you tried all of the actions suggested Louis, including the Anti-antilizing trick? If the driver downgrade doesn't work then this often does.
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    Default Re: Total War crashes

    I even tried the Anti-antilizing and set it to 2x but still no luck.

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    Default Re: Total War crashes

    Hello Louis !!1!!11!

    Sorry, just stopping by to say hello, don't really know how to help you. My MTW gold edition initially wouldn't run either, even though MTW itself worked perfectly. I eventually solved it by re-installing a .dll file that gave me some fault messages. Don't remember which one. This site helped me out. Of course, none of that could be related to your problem at all.
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    Default Re: Total War crashes

    Can the company not release a patch to solve the problem? Ive bidded on MTW on ebay (not the gold edition!!!) so i hope that when i get it that it will work.

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    Default Re: Total War crashes

    Hi there new Louis, welcome to the Org -- I also have the FX5200 card, and using old fashioned original MTW (ie not Gold Edition) it works fine using an old driver - I think it's the 61.xx edition, although it may be a 5x.xx. In my case I got the card in order to try RTW, and have to use different drivers for each game. In the end I got bored with RTW very quickly and just have the old drivers now, so I can play MTW. I didn't need to mess with the anti-aliasing, but I did have to be careful selecting the screen resolution for the game to run in. It runs fine now with all the performance issues maxxed out (smoke, fauna, huge units etc). Good luck.

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    Default Re: Total War crashes

    Welcome, louis1976.

    Quote Originally Posted by louis1976
    Can the company not release a patch to solve the problem? Ive bidded on MTW on ebay (not the gold edition!!!) so i hope that when i get it that it will work.
    If possible, I would highly recommend getting your hands on the MTW Battle Collection if you can find a copy. (It's basically the same as the Gold Edition -- the original game plus Viking Invasion -- except that the BC was produced by Activision.) For some reason, people who have the Battle Collection seem to have fewer technical difficulties than people who have the Gold Edition.
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    Default Re: Total War crashes

    Suddenly I was reminded of that simple song. "Eh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.... Eh Louis Louis, blah, blah blah, eh something something, tata, tatata, tata."

    Eh, regardless, greetings, louis1976. If your stay is not a joyous one, I am able to enforce it in exchange for monetary compensation. It would cost you € 1000 of course. It should not pose a problem
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    Default Re: Total War crashes

    Be well. Do good. Keep in touch.


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