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Thread: Portuguese military academy

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    Default Portuguese military academy

    Portugal's MA gets no units when you build it. I guess it may be worth it for character development, but it seems otherwise useless. Does anyone know if it gets units later in the game (post-New World discovery, eg)?

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    Default Re: Portuguese military academy

    Sorry, no units whatsoever but your general can get traits which give boosts to command. I think its Officer Training or Academy Trained.
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    Default Re: Portuguese military academy

    It is good for character development, but not much else. Hopefully, CA fix it in the next patch.

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    Default Re: Portuguese military academy

    I'm not sure it needs fixing, i've seen some of my characters get upwards of 5 or so command points just for sitting around in a city with one of them in it (he got the academy trained and some other traits like tactician or such as well {rare?})

    edit: i just checked my game to see what it was and apparently, it was the GoodAmbusher line of traits.......strange, since he's never never even seen a battle before
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    Default Re: Portuguese military academy

    Sitting in settlement with Military academy gives total +2 command from traits i think, and some rare retinues, don´t know names or changes thou.
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