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Thread: Why can't we all just get along?

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    Default Why can't we all just get along?

    Ok, this is still my Brutii H/M campaign. I now have almost 40 provinces and am currently at war with just about everyone: Gaul, Germania, Scythia, Armenia, Parthia.

    While fighting Pontus and Seleucia, I managed to get an alliance with Armenia. However, Parthia and Egypt have refused every overture I have made to them. It seems that no matter what I do, I cannot convince the neighbors of my enemy to either ally with me or simply stay put and keep the peace. This results in an unending stream of wars.

    After crushing Dacia and Thrace, the Germans got it into their heads to betray their alliance with me and Ally with the Scythians (who had been refusing anything more substantial than trade agreements) against me.

    After taking care of Pontus and Seleucia, Armenia decides to attack me instead of helping me with the Scythians! Parthia and Egypt have allied and entered my lands so war is not too far away with them either.

    Gaul has also refused any reconciliation even though they could with my help take back their homeland from the Germans.

    To top it off, I am in deep doodoo with the Senate and they have given me an impossible mission (Blockade a British port) so the civil war is not too far.

    I am not writing this because I feel overwhelmed, I have full stacks in all concerned regions but I wonder why it is not possible to get at least a few turns worth of peace along a border...

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    Default Re: Why can't we all just get along?

    What are your difficulties conditions?
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    Hi KidFury,
    R:TW diplomacy AI, as you have seen, is almost totally random and often has, unfortunately, very little logic or thought behind it's ideas.

    However, what sense it may have, dictates several things - all of these are associated with the behavior that you have seen. These state that it will very rarely share an alliance with those whom it borders and will always, eventually, attack it's neighbors - whoever they are and whatever their strength. The AI enforces these rules mush more harshly on higher difficultly levels (especially Hard and Above), so that may be, in addition to it's other issues, be the reasons for the problems you are seeing exhibited.

    However, there is a way of keeping your existing alliances alive and well - regular tribute! Send your allies 100 denarii per turn for an infinite number of turns and they should leave you alone for a while. They may also pay you back if you ask for it too so you haven't really lost anything. However, do bear in mind that this isn't a standardized rule and backstabbing may still be shown, although it will be much less frequent.

    Hope this helps, cheers!
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