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Thread: very strange bizzare damned bug

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    Hi again everyone! playing the romans 233bc in the middle of the winterturn something very strange happens. i cant use my right mouse key, instead if i press the left key, the right AND the left is pushed. ( so i cant move any armys). and now to the strange thing: this effect lasts even if i leave eb. so in windows i cant use right key, instead everytime i push on an icon, the icon is selected and right key is pressed. this effect remains unitl i deinstall eb( this whole effect sometimes fluctuates, e.g. i cant press any key until i switch to another window with keyboard, or in eb the right key is pressed all the time although i dont press it). any suggestions? i want to play eb! and i want to use my windows xp as ANYBODY USES IT!!!!!

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    I've had this happen to me a couple of times and it is not an EB thing. Try pressing both mouse buttons down at the same time, sometimes that has helped. But if that doesn't work then it sounds like your mouse is starting to get old and you be needing a new one.

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    There's probably a hangup in the operating system. As Foot says, clicking them both again a couple of times might cure the hangup, otherwise restarting your computer should definitely fix it.

    Possibly the contact of the buttons are getting fuzzy, you could try to clean under them with a needle or similar, or dismantle the mouse for a better cleaning. You could also try to use the mouse without the plastic bits of the buttons to see if the sensors are FUBAR, tapping directly on the sensor. Make sure you know how to reassemble it, if you do dismantle it! Possibly the easiest way is to simply buy another mouse, they're cheap. You could borrow a mouse from a friend to check if it makes a difference.

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