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    Visit the Main forum here...

    Please post what you have to say there as we use that forum more regularly

    Rise of Rome is a brand new mod for RTR Platinum Edition 1.9. It aims to bring more fun, difference and quality to Rome Total War. The mod begins during the very early birth of Rome. You will have fight off Etruscans, Greeks and Gauls from a very early stage. With a small and untrained force, Rome’s existence seems slim. Rise of Rome is a mod for the people and we wish to bring you exactly what you want! 'With certain limits'. So what are you waiting for show your support, join the team, get your ideas heard!

    What can you expect to see in Rise of Rome?

    Rise of Rome completely remodels the Rome total war game. With so many new and revamped units, Building, Landscapes and so much more. Below is a list of just a very few things you can expect to see.

    In Rise of Rome we are making it even more realistic. To build your troops you will now need…
    Iron + Armoury = Troops such as Legionaries etc
    And so on. We are trying to create a more fun yet challenging mod there is.

    Tones of new buildings will be implemented to make your empire build seem that more life like. Build places for your council to meet, Schools, Doctors, Vegetable Farms, Timber Cutting camp, Clothing Factory, Glass Factory, Furniture Factory, Pottery Factory, Slave traders, Barber Shops, Gladiator Guilds and more.

    New and Revamped Units
    Loads of New Units for Each Team and a whole new bunch of Mercenaries. Each unit is inspected to bring it to its fullest potential.

    More Resources on the Campaign Map
    Get hold of tones of new Resources such as Fish, Crabs, Sugar, Stone, Silk, Pigs, Sheep, Cows, Clams, Rice, Corn, Gems and more.

    Bigger, Better and more Campaign Maps
    New Campaigns which will involve...
    The main huge campaign involving every Faction
    The very early Rise of Rome on the Italian Peninsula
    Alexander the Greats conquests stretching from Greece to India
    And a few more.

    New Factions
    Two new Factions the Mauryan Empire and Etruscans. Both equipped with a huge arsenal of their own individual units.

    And so much more.

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    Hi, that sounds great

    I think this might be more suited to the mod discussion section though, as its more announcement than development thread, so I'm about to move you into there....
    Not used mods before? Looking for something small and fun?!
    Download the:

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    3D Moddelers are urgently needed along with Campaign Map Artists.

    If you wish to help out with anything then please PM me or send me an Email at...

    Thank you

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    Looks nice!
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