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Thread: Replacing old governors

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    Default Replacing old governors


    I sent a PM to one of the great modding wizards, but since it was some time since he tried what I'm trying to do he wasn't sure of how to do it. I've been trying to spawn new governors replacing old and dying ones, but the result isn't satisfactory. The new governor looks "funny", doesn't assimilate properly to the city. I can see him sitting there as part of the walls or something, but he is definitely not a governor. Has anyone had any success trying to do this, or do you know how to do it???
    I know the topic has been discussed before, but I haven't seen any solution yet.
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    Default Re: Replacing old governors

    There's no known way to properly put a character, as in generals, diplomats, agents, into a city without resulting in that weird bug. A possible way is to force move the newly spawned character into the settlement but force move only works for non-player characters.


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