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    Hello All,

    I can't for the life of me get this public order thing to work for me.
    When there is squalor I build plumbing. Farming brings overpopulation. Then the pop grows, and I'm back to square one. If it is culture I try to replace buildings etc... It leaves me with setting the taxes at low rates, and a crumby treasury. The public order changes with every turn which becomes so tedious that it's defeating the fun of this game. I'm constantly rechecking everything like I have O.C.D. Also that changing of the capitol creates red faces in the providences where you are distancing from the previous capitol. If I try to change religion destroying the temple or church that brings a red face real quick and probably a riot. If I put too many troops in it creates squalor again. Obviously I don't have a Phd in economics. Is there any kind of cheat or a turning off of the public order thingy? I've always loved Shogun and Medieval War because it doesn't take me a year for a campaign.
    This really is kind of getting sucky for me.
    any feedback at all will be very welcomed.

    I'm in the midst of playing Barbarian Invasion as the Eastern Roman Empire.
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    Hi Ed TW,
    I understand your feelings, I often wish that I can do the same. Sadly though, it's impossible to change and you just have to live with it. Sorry.

    However, this useful guide, see Section V, and this not-so-useful post by me, may be able to help you manage your cities in a more optimised way. Also, the guides contained here may help you in your playing of the ERE in BI.

    Hope this helps, good luck in your campaign, cheers!
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    Cheers Omanes
    "This is no way for a leader to behave, but in battle it's beyond belief."

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    RTW is a bit less complex. It has no religion to worry about.

    I go for the best public order temples rather than the weapon related ones. Also tax on very high (or highest it will go) to limit population growth.

    You can run your cities with red long as it doesnt go below 70%
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    Build all the buildings that increase Public Order and place bigger garrisons in troublesome settlements. Some settlements, especially Huge Cities far away from your capital, can be very restless but I've never lost a city that had all the Public Order buildings and a full peasant garrison.

    Having your capital located roughly in the center of your empire is pretty important too, try moving it when you get the chance.


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