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    Hey, everyone.

    I just wanted to know if there was anything, short of uninstalling and reinstalling (which I'm willing, but reluctant to do), to fix a CTD I'm experiencing.

    The CTD occurs whenever I try to start or load a campaign. If I try to start a campaign it crashes a few seconds after I hit the arrow to start the campaign, not even reaching the loading screen. If I try to load a campaign it goes to the loading screen and after two seconds at the loading screen it goes to the desktop.

    This started less than half an hour ago after I experienced a CTD with the SPQR. I decided to try the fixes, but found that my computer did not have the program to open/unpack them, so I couldn't use them. I didn't want to report it just to have someone say, "Get all the fixes and if it still persists then report it." The last time I had gotten a CTD with the Romanii deleting all the save files had brought my game back on track with no side effects. I decided to do the same thing. Unfortunately instead of hitting the delete button I hit the load button, at which point all of this started. I would like to leave it noted that I tried to load the campaign after deleting the map.rwm, which I saw in a thread could help with the CTD's and stuff.

    Can anyone help me with this, or will I have to delete EB from my computer and re-install it?

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    Did you try to reboot your computer? Anyway, 7-zip is free and can unpack the fixes, google it. If the problem persists, please download Filemon and try to see in its log what is happening at the time of the crash.

    Edit: You're being way too draconian in your measures to fix the game. If you wanted to see if removing the saves would make any difference, you should have moved them to some temporary directory, not delete them outright.
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