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Thread: Citadel-City conversion - Damage transfer

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    Default Citadel-City conversion - Damage transfer

    As the Russians, this being the wacky world of MTW2, I wrested control of the citadel of Caernarfon from the Scots, during the course of which I punched a hole in each of the three defensive walls. I immediately ordered it's conversion to a city as I needed the money.

    At the end of the last stage of conversion the Scots attempted to retake it. Imagine my surprise - and horror - to find myself defending a town with a normal stone wall and three holes in it, seemingly carried over from the three in the original citadels defences.

    Cowboy builders eh? And they had the nerve to charge 6400 florins and take three years over it.
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    Well, I hope you had insurance Serves you right for buying cheap materials and using slaves
    Posted by John_Longarrow
    Plus there is just something fricking cool about fricking elephants with fricking cannons on their heads.

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    If I'm in a dangerous region and I've just damaged a wall taking a city/castle, I'll always repair that, then add any other building/upgrades/conversion, since repairs only take one turn and don't count against the build time for the next building.


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