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Thread: Archers on ramparts

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    Default Archers on ramparts

    a nice tactic that i have been using on assaults on the smaller castles and walled towns:

    once you break the walls or gates and start throwing your troops into the breach is to send some of your archers onto the remaining ramparts.

    this gives the archers a better line of fire at the enemy over the heads of your own troops.

    i usually put my infantry into defence mode to stop the enemy escaping once the initial breach is made and let the archers fire everything into the nice new kill zone.

    this is especially effective when using longbows with fire arrows enabled.
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    Default Re: Archers on ramparts

    well i use it too since i remember and have long range archers :) . strategy is nice but cpu too often attack your troops after "we under attack" so you need to quit firing to avoid friendly fire.

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    Default Re: Archers on ramparts

    take note that when defending walls (whether yours or not) that you can force fire a volley from Xbows/Archers if you manually click they to shoot at the target. This can result in devestating casualties on the enemy, regardless of what unit they use to engage you on the walls

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