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Thread: No Testeudo?

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    I was recently put under siege multiple times by Egypt, and I began wondering. Why can't you use testeudo formations on walls?

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    Well... I guess realisticly, on the size of RTW walls, half of 'em would fall off... and it'd be more ffective using shield wall...

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    What'choo mean by that?

    I'm just tired of being decimated by siege towers.

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    Siege Towers that attack Large and Epic Walls fire ballista rounds instead of arrows so Testudo wouldn't help you anyway. To avoid the ballista rounds, deploy your infantry on a different section of the wall (past an adjacent tower) then redeploy them once the Siege Towers reach the wall. I heard that deploying your infantry in shallow 2-rank formations helps as well if you don't want to move them around.
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    Been a long time since I've even worried about having legions on a wall waiting for siege towers.

    Having about 4-6 units of archers set to "fire at will" and "use fire" seems to be a really good way of keeping too many siege towers from getting too close. If any do, as one of the previous writers suggested, have your infantry off to the side until just before the tower reaches the wall.

    If you can get them out there without getting killed, a unit of infantry on the ground "cutting" at the siege tower with swords has been known to bring siege towers crashing to the ground. The drawback is that pieces of it fall on your men, and you will take a few casualties when it happens.

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