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    I am curious how you decide on who are Generals and who are Governors.

    I don't really look at their intelligence/charisma stats (I only use those stats for deciding factors in adoption and marriage). Throughout history, there have been smart and stupid Governors and charismatic and boring Generals, so why should my empire be any different?

    The practice I have been using is:
    Ages (16-20): training at school/library/academy - whichever is closer. I tend to divide the empire into family regions and minor capitols their own educational facilities. Should their be an adoption or marriage of this age range, they get to go to school too, otherwise it is military service. I never adopt or agree to a marriage with a candidate older than 25.

    Ages (20-30): compulsory service in military. Not everyone can be the High General, but they do get a taste of war. The cream of the crop rises to the top. Again, with family regions, I try to keep family sets together with their military force. Should I have more than 5 Generals with a force, it is time to split into two.

    Ages (30-35): transitional stage. During these years, the individual may stay in the military, but is checking the ages of current Governors in their family regions. Should I see some Governor who is quite old, the General will leave military service for Vice-Governorship. If there is a vacancy, the transition is immediate.

    Ages (35-death): enjoy the fruits of life by settling down to a life as Governor and supervising the layouts of the vineyard on the estates. Occasionally, if being beseiged, he will get to wield his sword again.

    The imperial capitol and the minor capitols (usually previous foreign capitols) are held by certain families and are passed down each generation to eldest son of blood (adopted and in-laws need not apply).

    So how do you play?

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    my approach to deciding is quite different than yours but i only play as the romans so here are my rules:

    Once they come to age, all family members are sent to Roma. They work up the Cursus Honorum on their own. Once a family member attains the Ex-praetor trait he is either shipped to govern a province or if he has good command traits then he goes to lead an army.

    i might send out quaestors to govern provinces near rome for the duration of the quaestorship. I like to do that and role play the fact that they are raising an army when i need one by grouping all the units in this province when i am hiring.

    If Rome gets crowded (and it does) then I send family members that are 30+ years to Athens to continue their education.

    There are two governs in Spain, two in Gaul, one in Italian Gaul, one in Sardinia, one in Sicily, one in Pella, one in Italy and sometimes governors are sent to troubled provinces to keep them intact.

    Generals retire at the age of 60. Usually, I ship them to Rome for a year or two then send them out to govern a province. 60 year old governors rarely come back from their retirement provinces.

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    Default Re: General or Governor

    I usually use all "Vigorous" family members in military service and leave the "Languorous" ones in settlements, except in an emergency or because of some other complicated reason.

    Edit: Plus faction specific methods.
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    Ages 16-20: Sent to Rome to study

    Ages 20-30: Military Tribune if available (allowed one per legion). If no spots open they stay in Rome.

    Ages 30-60: Become either General or Governor. I tend to leave Military Tribunes attached to their original legion, regardless of age, till they can assume command of their own legion....unless they will make better governors than generals.

    Ages 60-Death: Generals must retire to Rome or a Governorship at age 60. Governors generally stay where they are.

    All adoptions, marriages, bribed, and "man of the hour" additions to the family must be sent to Rome for at least 4 years.

    If a family member is disloyal, which a lot of mine seem to be, they MUST have a diplomat with them at all times.

    EDIT: I tend to look at all the traits and ancillaries when deciding on general or governor. If they have more traits/ancillaries that boost trade and such they become governors. The rest become Generals/Military Tribunes if a position is open.
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    Default Re: General or Governor

    Generally, if someone is born and looks like a good general, he's sent to the front or given command of an army somewhere.

    If he doesn't, he's sent to the nearest city that needs a governor, if no cities are vacant, he goes to the nearest learning facilities.

    I play much more simply then you guys =D

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    Default Re: General or Governor

    When I look for a new general, I pick the closest guy who has good ICE ratings and is below 30, so he'll have time to become great before withering. With a couple of fights he'll be a good general no matter what other starting characteristics he has. In a pinch an uncharismatic will do.

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    Default Re: General or Governor

    Yep, and also I don't mind if they are Langorous, especially if he looks more apt to be a governor rather than a general. He'll be happy just sitting around and governing then.

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    Default AW: General or Governor

    If they come of age in Hellas, they go to Athens for a few turns, not to long, just until they got some ancillaries. Then I take a longer look at them, regarding their basic characteristics. Clever and healthy ones, or vigorous ones can become General if there's a vacancy - what's rather seldom. Putting down the occasional rebellions has to be done by the next governor with his local forces. Such minor tasks can be performed by everybody, even a 60 year old couch potatoe. The ones who won't become General are looked at regarding their ancillaries and traits like "miner" or "happy people", and go to an appropiate settlement.

    Dull/Uncharismatic/Vigorous, weak-chinned, falling sickness, administratively inept => have a nice time in Vindobona.

    Sharp/Charismatic/Langorous, tax assessor, very happy people, merchant, rhetor hellenikos => go and become Satrap of Antiocheia.

    Basically they stay where they are until the end of their lives. Generals can retire once the war is over or the campaign is over or they are permanently needed in a far-away city. For example, I have a general who conducted the whole Getian War (after his brother betrayed me and became a barbarian) but got the "uncomfortable supervisor" trait for every barbarian village he conquered. The Basileios honours his service with the Tyrannis of the island of Lesbos.
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