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Thread: Playing as Ronin in Sengoku Jidai Campaign (.conan.)

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    Default Playing as Ronin in Sengoku Jidai Campaign (.conan.)

    This week I have been playing a few games as the ronin faction using the .conan. "cheat" code. I was wondering--does this mode reduce your koku income, in and of itself? I look at my income statement tab, and it shows my agricultural, trade, and alliance incomes, but the actual amount received on an average harvest is considerably less. Of course, I am considering my expenses--the income received is still a lot less. The only thing I can reason out is that the mode reduces your income. Hence the "conan" reference? Can anybody verify this?

    The AI clans also seem to develop a lot faster, with large numbers of higher quality troops rather early in the game. Is this also a .conan. feature?

    I am playing MI edition, 1.02 stat.
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    Default Re: Playing as Ronin in Sengoku Jidai Campaign (.conan.)

    Highly intresting. I never expierenced any of this, only tried Playing the rebels in other 'starting periods'. I never pay close attention to my money anyway () it's usually more then enough.

    I noticed some other stuff though.. at least, I think so.

    Shinobi's seem more effective. It seemed very easy to cause revolt. Not very sure about it though, could be that I never used them well enough with normal factions.

    Samurai Archers seem more effective...!! A lot! I was attacking the oda in owari I believe, and my archers shot up one unit after another. To the last man, I shot their entire army. I've done this before in normal campaign mode but that was with loads of archers against a few ashigaru's... but this battle was fair in numbers.. I was suprised of how every volley of 1 unit seemed to kill 10 enemies or so. Weird.
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