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Thread: savegames ??

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    Question savegames ??

    Hey people,

    I've been tyring to find the right tread to post to but think this may be as close as it gets. I'm not a modder i'm afraid just looking for little tech help.

    I had a dual boot system xp on the c: drive an vista on the f:, had m2tw installed on vista but vista's not working now, was wondering if i install the game ontop of itself from inside xp will my save games be there or where are they (are they a file i can copy)...or whats the story ??

    all help greatly appreciated,

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    Default Re: savegames ??

    Whatever drive you installed on that'll be where the files are. So if you installed it onto the f: drive (VISTA) thats where the save games will be as well. Inside the f: drive. If you now install the game onto c: drive (XP) you'll create new files and a empty save folder inside the c: drive. The only way to get your old save files is to go to your f: drive and copy them over. Pretty sure thats how it works on a dual boot system.


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