I want to make a smallish mod, but with so many projects on the forum, I want it to be something that others will be interested in. So, an informal poll: which of these would you most like to play, if I made them:

1. Kingdom of Mali:

The Muslim African kingdom of Mali, under Sunjata, makes a deal with the Moors. He supplies soldiers for them (ZoRs for Moors) and the Moors provide weapon and armor technology (crossbows, Arab Cavalry style armor, etc).
In addition, Mali starts with (non-gunpowder) elephant cavalry.
Will Sunjata aid the Moors or merely replace them in the fight for Spain?

2. Order of Assassins:

The fortress of Alamut is the seat of power for the notorious Hassan i Sabbah, controlling the lands around Antioch with fear and terror. With fierce Fedayeen infantry and elite spies and assassins, (and...a secret deal with the Templars???) the Order provides a new and fearsome power block in the Middle East.

3. (mini-campaign) The Grecian Khanate:

It is 1260, and the Golden Horde have consumed all that was once Turkish or Byzantine. Now the Horde, strenghtened with new Mongolicized units, confronts a combined force of Hungarian, Venetian and Polish soldiers for the fate of Eastern Europe.

If you like more than one idea, rank most --> least. Thanks!