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    Default Shogun menu background

    Hello ! I'm trying to locate the "moving background" from the Shogun Total War menu, but couldn't find it until now... Do you know where I can find that file or is it somehow "hardcoded" in the files ?

    As I'm really skilled in english , here is a pic from what I'm looking for... Thank you very much for your attention !

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    Default Re: Shogun menu background

    they are the left and right cmp files in the frontend_files folder
    IF you figure out how to extract and edit the contents PLEASE let us know
    (cause we have not been able to get there yet)
    many thanks
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    Default Re: Shogun menu background

    Lol, no problem, if I find out, I will tell you... But you know the worst thing ? Several years ago, while surfing the web, I found a screensaver with that scrolling menu... It was not of a top quality and I lost it when my comp was hacked but I clearly remember it ... I think I'm going to knock at CA's doors
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    Default Re: Shogun menu background

    I've answered here

    Hi Seijitai,

    like barocca said in the other thread, the animations are stored in the files
    right.cmd and left.cmd in the frontend files folder.
    Both games, STW and Medieval, use these files. Medieval has knights instead of Samurai. It's a simple matter of swapping the Medieval Knights for the Samurai by overwriting the Medieval .cmd files with the Shogun ones. This, fortunately for us, works between those two games.
    Rome and M2 use completely different engines and file structures, though. There's no way to simply add those files to Rome. One would have to extract the animations from the files and then try to convert them to whatever animation format is played in the Rome frontend. Unfortunately, I've no idea what a .cmd file is, nor how to edit it.
    When you search for the file extension, this is what you get:
    CMD Command file for Windows NT (similar to a DOS .BAT file) 
    CMD DOS CP/M command file 
    CMD dBase-II program file
    Neither of those three is an animation or movie format.
    Sorry, that's all I know.

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    Default Re: Shogun menu background

    Me too

    Sorry for the late answer... Just back from a few days off
    Thanks for your reply... I never looked inside MTW files and didn't know it shared the same process than STW... So, I'm gonna knock on CA's doors
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    Default Re: Shogun menu background

    Lol, close to one year old, and I didn't solved that problem... Just for information, a friend of mine told me a few days ago that these .CMP extensions were used in the past by Corel DRAW line of programs... As I don't own it, if anybody's able to test and share his appreciation, he's welcome...
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    Default Re: Shogun menu background

    Thanks Ashdnazg ! Congratulation for modding it ! So it's now definitely established that it is impossible to mod this file to make it fit in RTW, correct ? (Sorry I'm a total newbie in coding... )

    So I may have another idea... Do you think it could be possible to "mod" some Shogun files so that nothing appear on the menu screen except that background ?
    Example : modding the file that control the "Daimyo selection screen" so that the program won't load the images, icons for selecting a Daimyo, etc... and that we only have a screen with the moving background and nothing on top of it ?

    If so, a simple program to film the screen would allow to create a movie of that moving background.

    Sorry if this sound stupid for a coder's eyes... I hope it at least make you grin...
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