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Thread: Defence bug?

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    Default Defence bug?

    So I hear about some defence bug that people get at times where they say that they cannot deploy units inside city walls at all sometimes. In the latest campaign that I'm playing, i've noticed that only in settlements that I have no General am I unable to choose the deployment of my troops while defending against a seige; when a General is present I have no issues at all.

    Is this the bug that people are referring too? As it seems to me that not being able to deploy troops without a General would be more of a, um, "Feature"... an annoying one yes, but not a bug.

    I would have thought that troops without a recognized general would not be as effective when it came to sorting themselves out...but if thats not the bug that people talk about, could someone please tell me what exactly it is?
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    Default Re: Defence bug?

    Not sure i've heard this one, but i have some speculation it could be one of the two known things:

    A. Sometimes cavalry and large infantry units have problems being placed inside walls, due to their size, giving them very limited places to start.

    B. Spies could be in the city, which would cause the gates to be open at start, and allow the enemy to rush in if they want. During this, your units cannot be placed before battle starts.

    my thinking this is maybe either one of these two, some combination, or perhaps something entirely new.

    If it isn't related to those two things, please post what version your using, and any mods you use as well, it will make it much easier for someone more knowledgeable to respond properly =

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    Default Re: Defence bug?

    Well in one situation they had a spy open that gates, so that would explain that instance.... I'm sure i've been previously able to deploy units and after starting the battle got the message that the gates had been opened.. but maybe i'm going mad

    The instance happened 3 times, the first they definately opened the gate with a spy, as I heard the message at the start of the battle. Perhaps my sound bugged up or something else happened and I simply missed the message.

    I also use normal unit sizes, so thats probably why I haven't run into the issue of units being too large for where I want to put them

    The game is patched to 1.02 (not the first leaked one) and I do play the Stainless Steel mod.
    Posted by John_Longarrow
    Plus there is just something fricking cool about fricking elephants with fricking cannons on their heads.


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