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Thread: Nihilistic...who?

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    I was introduced to a video on Youtube about Total War and in one of the comedic sections of the video, a certain Nihilistic Cow was mentioned. Since I haven't been involved in the .ORG / TW communities all that long, I was just curious...

    Who is he?

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    Here's his profile.
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    Default Re: Nihilistic...who?

    wonder where he went

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    Hes one of the well known personalities in the mp... he sounds like jimmy carr, has a lisp and a huge English ego

    Hes been away for quite some time playing WoW
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    Quote Originally Posted by BaZZer of RTK
    Hes been away for quite some time playing WoW
    WoW consumes people....

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    WoW consumes people....
    Indeed it does...

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    Nihilistic Cow currently goes by the name RTK Caradoc.
    As Bazz said,he is inactive atm, though we hope one day to once again suffer under the burden of his heavy sarcasm


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