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    Default rtw crusades mod

    Hi There, I have installed thr crusades mod for rtw.It an excellent mod but i seem to be having a problem. I have been enjoying it so far I have just started turn /year 1190 when i end my turn and it starts the sarcean it crashes back to my desktop I don't know what the problem is
    I would be graful if anyone con help
    my specs are;
    RTWBI gold edition
    P4 3.2ghz
    2G ram
    Nvidia 6800 ultra

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    Default Re: rtw crusades mod

    Hello Livius,

    I'm afraid nobody is working on this mod any more, but people here might still be able to help you to fix the problem yourself. That's why I'm moving this to the Modding Questions forum and changing the thread title.

    The first thing to ask you is are you using "-show_err"? If you are, does it give an error message, if not, please do

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    Default Re: rtw crusades mod

    Hi there,
    I get no error message's just a straight CTD,Someone most be able to fix this problem,And if not why it is an excellent mod. I think much better than mtw2


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